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Put sticks on grenades
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The well-known "potato masher" German grenades have a significant advantage in certain circumstances. Namely they can be thrown much further and more accurately. This comes at a size and weight cost. They cannot be conveniently stashed in a pocket.

Modern materials make possible a grenade with the portability of a standard one, but the throwability of a stick grenade. Simply include an extensible stiff, high strength-to-weight cylindrical thing.It would be made of thin carbon fiber rods which would pull out and lock into place. It should be possible for less than an ounce each, or 28 grams in servitude units.
Voice, Jul 06 2022


       The best of both worlds.
whatrock, Jul 06 2022

       (+) for the name. I tried to top it, but I think you nailed it.
Just make sure you don't use tennis ball launchers to entertain your service dogs on their off days.


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