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Brain Slug Shaped Novelty Headphones

Shaped like the things from the TV show Futurama.
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Sort of funny.

Also available as VR goggles.

Any funnier? No?

Oh well.

doctorremulac3, May 16 2020

Brain slugs. https://images.app....l/joUfkRSJp4hnV9rK6
[doctorremulac3, May 16 2020]


       How about headphone shaped novelty brain slugs?
pocmloc, May 16 2020

       //How about headphone shaped novelty brain slugs?//   

       That's where I got the idea.
doctorremulac3, May 17 2020

       I was more thinking Wrath of Khan -- excellent!
theircompetitor, May 17 2020

       I've not seen Futurama. I should list all the sci-fi things I haven't seen someday. It's extensive and frustrates my partner.   

       Ok, now I get it. I looked at the link. These would be really cool. Especially for teens, I think.
blissmiss, May 17 2020

       Well Blissy, as the brain slugs would say: "Everyone should watch Futurama... and not wear a helmet."
doctorremulac3, May 17 2020


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