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+3 purse of dating quality

The purse has a bluetooth webcam zipper pull that tells your handyphone to pass video to a reviewer if it hears "No No No" this prevents or minimizes date rape
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The purse has a bluetooth webcam zipper pull that tells your handyphone to pass video to a reviewer if it hears "No No No"

The purse zipper pull is either the ccd bluetooth item like [link] or much better an attractive piece of optical plastic with an optical fiber to the CCD

when the electronics hear the "no no no" phrase the handyphone uploads pictures plus sound to an online database that the person with the purse or their predesignated person can use to either immediately respond or think about passing on the material to the authorities; having a designated person minimizes the risk of recrimination with sharing the truth

The electronics could use a few phrases (record, alert my friend, record then have a reviewer review, Beam me up) right away or the user could create their own word recognitions

if this works it could prosecute or block hundreds of thousands of violent crimes each year at the USA which is just 4/100 of the earths population then a cheaper super effective version could go global benefitting millions

I think there could be a few thousand jobs overseas monitoring, then reviewing the video from the "no no no" phrases prior to passing them on; a buck an hour still gets a human to review a dozen of the actions


NB: I wrote previously about the poke then a chop means desist gesture

dartmouth college policy was: people proceeding sexually should give verbal go ahead at each "stage"; this was cumbersome, they moved to a different policy

whatever we think of the dartmouth policy the idea of creating a no that always means desist rather than a no that might be thought to have different meanings is creatable as a hand gesture: a mild poke the side hand chop motion means desist now or I tell the authorities; go out of the room now or I tell the authorities

a poke plus a chop is noticeable enough to make it through drunken perceptions It is much more likely to reduce violence than things like D.A.R.E;

I favor truth detection technology I think poke plus chop may be highly truth detectable detecting brain response to actual re poking then chop to the area touched

This also gives the person strength; they know they said no firmly they can skip doubt or backtracking

beanangel, Jul 28 2008

cheap little bluetooth headcam http://www.thenerds...-14683317-2#reviews
[beanangel, Jul 28 2008]


       Date rape is often less aggravated than ordinary rape. It may involve far more booze and far less speaking/consciousness. Review of these circumstances renders your device quite useless. [-]   

       Oh, and there's a million ways to say no. 'I dunno Billy, I'm really not supposed to / I like you but I don't want to / I told my friends I wouldn't" etc. You get the point. If the user is alerting the authorities with a preset phrase, such as "no no no", then there is no need for your surveillance control, as she is the one who decides when it's time to ring the bell. [-]   

       Also, rape doesn't take a very long time. Not to be crude here, but there's very little foreplay. The time between your device registering a few random snapshots of the bushes and an audio track that's muffled and confusing, someone deciding to send it though, and the cops arriving, the perpetrator is probably gone. [-]
daseva, Jul 28 2008

       I'm still thinking about the rest, but you will probably have problems with voice recognition of the "no no no" and you definiely need a camera with it's own IR light to have any hope of useful pictures as I assume low ambiant lighting. I think you could build a decent camera into a watch, take a nice dated picture early in the date and then have a running 8 hour recording of the whole date that could be used later. Maybe a bluetooth link to the phone for periodic upload. I don't think people what naked pictures being sent around because they went "oh, oh, oh!" at the wrong time.
MisterQED, Jul 28 2008

       On detecting nonono the phone could call someone who can contact police. The phone could also ring and the owner has to pick it up and talk or police is called. Just a couple of suggestions. The idea needs a bit thinktanking but even as it is it deserves my bun. For good intentions but also because it is just good enough for that already.
zeno, Jul 28 2008

       So if she says "I told my friends I wouldn't" that means no? Let me inform you that the average horny guy will absolutely not hear "no" if it is said in more than three words, none of which are "no". "no, stop" Thats no. "John, don't do this", thats no. "not now", thats no. "we really shouldn't", that is not no.
Voice, Jul 29 2008

       Pity the poor couple who's listening to an Amy Winehouse song.   

       This does have one advantage: evidence. Even if it does not STOP a rape, it does provide evidence that one occured, rather than the standard he-said-she-said bit. Going through a trial based on testimony alone can be incredibly traumatizing for a rape victim, often nearly as much so as the act itself.   

       This context-activated video system would be able to provide evidence that is much more likely to lead rapists to plead or to allow the woman to not have to testify at all.   

       For that, a strong [+].
shapu, Jul 29 2008

       You could have a black box type system where the camera automatically records everything you're doing over a certain period of time, then records over it in a continuous loop, then it gets sent if one presses a particular button or says something. It could be set off by saying "no" three times and also by three quick breaths in and out through the nose, so it's also protected against physically more coercive situations. The point being that it would send the past few minutes rather than the situation after being set off, which would probably be more useful.
nineteenthly, Jul 29 2008

       couldn't it just phone nein, nein, nein?
po, Jul 29 2008

       (drum roll)
david_scothern, Jul 29 2008

       Po is a genius   

       All the suggestions are thoughtful   

       If the purse has among its activation phrases one that causes it to make a meeping noise is it possible that the woman could say, "arrgh, my purse thinks you are being naughty and just sent pictures, lets find out who to" as a kind of disruptive yet nonpersonal way of changing activities   

       this of course goes with her estimation that the person is just being messed up rather than messed up plus nasty
beanangel, Jul 29 2008

       I find it interesting that a college needs to issue a policy on sexual behaviour. Are there policies on other types of behaviour, too?
Ling, Jul 29 2008


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