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Backlit House Numbers

for increased visibility
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Lots of people don't put up house numbers, which is a pain for delivery drivers. It can even be hard to spot in the clear daytime, no less at night while its raining.

So, what I propose is to sell Backlit House Numbers. No explaining really needed... except that they would come in a variety of colors, of course... you could get hot pink for a college girl's dorm, blue for those who want something different, or, plain white for you boring folk.
ghillie, Oct 15 2004

(??) Solar House Numbers http://www.rusticst...ered-house-sign.htm
One backlit design version. [jurist, Oct 15 2004]


       They could be solar collective in daylight hours. They also already exist. I couldn't find a picture of them [ghillie] but if you type your idea title into a search engine there are many references.   

       [jurist]: That wasn't really the kind of backlighting I was going for... I was thinking that each number would glow individually, and would be hooked up to a main unit.
ghillie, Oct 15 2004


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