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Built-in sex amplifier

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Mechanical gismo for amplifying what you already have going on, ok? Does that suit you? Will automatically endow woman with firm, round, large, breast's, and men with, well, something they've never, quite seen before, if you know what I mean?Implanted under the skin, and controlled by mad scientists in Switzerland, or Germany.
velvetknight, Jul 01 2000


       I thought beer already does that... at least until you sober up.
wordmama, Jul 05 2000

       where can I sign up?
enveekaa, Jul 22 2000

       I like the "controlled by mad scientists in Switzerland or Germany" bit. I think people's sex lives should be subject to radical shifts based upon the mood swings of Central European academics. ("I'm sorry, Miss, but we've had to put Doktor Von Krankmann on sedatives, and he doesn't feel like working, so you're stuck with an A cup until he calms down...")
Uncle Nutsy, Aug 04 2000

       aw, shoot. I saw the title and hoped you had meant something for amplifying the *sounds* of sex... like, those really little, gross ones... ugh. =P
absterge, Aug 10 2000

       Slow burn insense/ curry/ music, etc Then at different stages of the love play, these can 'amplify'. More apprtopriate is the wake-up & sleep environmental stuff, at different stages of the passion. In gizmo's, there are many external gadgets. Other than 'electric vibrators', these other mechanical-touch gadgets are hard to coordinate with the love session. General & specialized athletic skills, with body cleanliness, + interpersonal skills ... that's enough though, if you are able to learn this stuff.
gz, Apr 21 2001

       I think I had some slow burn curry the other day. Ouch.
egnor, Apr 21 2001


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