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He looks like a normal bath duck... But he isn't...
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A rubber duck. Not a normal rubber duck. A _special_ rubber duck. You put it in the bath. It starts singing.

You plug it into the computer and download your favourite songs. It sings them in the bath as well.

I'm not too sure as to how this would get its power (ideas anyone?), but it has to float in the bath, and from a tiny speaker in it's semi-opened beak, it sings.

You could even leave some lyrics out so you can sing a duet with it.

froglet, Apr 25 2005

there's a ducky for all lifestyles http://members.cox....keedeb/arrrduck.gif
[dentworth, Apr 25 2005]

iDuck memory stick http://www.nippon-e...hp?products_id=6043
almost there [darkboy115, Apr 29 2005]


       It's a floating, waterproof, duck-shaped MP3 player?
angel, Apr 25 2005

       In a Donald Duck voice?
RayfordSteele, Apr 25 2005

       see link
dentworth, Apr 25 2005

       [angel] Pretty much, but I have a feeling somebody will want it reading out audiobooks in a donald duck voice...   

       I love donald duck...
froglet, Apr 28 2005

       I speculate that a power system similar to that already in use for many portable devices can work in this product as well.
bristolz, Apr 28 2005


       <Ernie> Singing rubber ducky, you're the one... </Ernie>
ato_de, Apr 28 2005

       Yeah, I'm not seeing much of a problem using batteries in the thing.   

       It will have a transducer in the bottom of the duck so you can listen under water, right?
half, Apr 28 2005

       If you want. You could play whale song under water aswell, if you're into that sort of thing.
froglet, Apr 28 2005

       Find the right frequency and you can create stationary ripples.
Worldgineer, Apr 28 2005

       I make my own ripples with mine own frequency.
macncheesy, Apr 29 2005

       //most have concluded [froglet] is a "her". Get with the program(me).// Things would get really weird if I then claimed that I was a boy! I'm not, but that would still be funny...
froglet, Apr 29 2005

       Kind of like an iDuck?
zen_tom, Apr 29 2005


       Do you think it to be possible for the song that is playing to be lit up on a backlit screen (or something like that...) that you will be able to see through the plastic on the ducks back?
froglet, Apr 29 2005

       The Japanese have a fetish in making everything USB compatible. See link.
darkboy115, Apr 29 2005


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