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Electric bath

no need to run a bath, just hop in and heat up!
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this is an idea i had one winters evening by the fire, after many a night without a wash. i was stuck out in the middle of nowhere, and i didnt like the idea of a cold river. basically, rather than a conventional bath, which of course you have to run each time, you just keep the water in the bath permanently, which reduces water rates drastically. Then, to heat up the bath, simply turn the dial to the required temperature (much like the dial of a shower, only more efficient). but what about the dirt!!?? i hear you all scream. well, of course there would be dirt in the water, that is, if it wasnt filtered by the electrolysis. what about the evaporation of water??!! i hear you all cry. well, there is a roof to the bath, with tiny pores which collect the droplets, that proceed to drain down to the bath itself. any objections?
Scarth, Apr 02 2001


       What about the mozzies!?
thumbwax, Apr 02 2001

       what about the soap?   

       what about a shower?
technobadger, Apr 02 2001

       Uh, electrolysis?
egnor, Apr 03 2001

       this just seems to me to be alot like the original tin baths put by the fire that everyone would use - just without the need for extra water everytime - but the risk of electrocution... admittedly it would be nice to have as much hot water as i want in a bath ...
Simonus, Nov 25 2004


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