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Bunny Sock Creator!

Bunny Rabbit Odd Sock Duplication Temple
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This is a little complex but here it goes... The device is actually a rapid prototype device of sorts that knits socks. The overall aesthetics of the contraption is an elegant Gothic style in nature, flying buttresses and all. Here is how it works Take an odd sock drop it into a cage area that has several live cuddly bunnies and as many sets of knitting needles as there are cuddly bunnies in the cage. Also one bunny is wearing a golden crown. Close the cage and press start. When you hit the start button a curtain draws around the cage so that you can not see whats going on inside. But you hear a combination of soothing music and what could be bunny activity.

So the user is led to believe that the Bunnies are doing all of the knitting work. Which would be amazing if it were possible.

When the curtain closes various scan systems and sensors scan the sock and then rapidly stitches a duplicate except for two extra long individual toe sleeves, like bunny ears. The new matching sock is then heated and dropped into the pen with the cuddly bunnies and the original sock. Curtains open and it would seem that the bunnies knitted the replacement sock.

I feel that this idea is so important for the following reasons. 1. its an idea that anyone can love. 2. here is yet another reason to love bunnies especially cuddly ones.

vfrackis, Mar 06 2009


       I suppose if you find other creatures cuddily your could swap them for the rabbits?   

       You forgot important reason 3. If your ever short of food you can always eat the bunnies.
eight_nine_tortoise, Mar 06 2009

       The concept of bunny consumption could offend some of our more delicate friends.
vfrackis, Mar 06 2009

       Implemented as a vending machine at the local laundomat...   

       You'll need some way to keep people from walking off with the rabbits.
phoenix, Mar 06 2009

       Interesting, but [-] for now for animals not properly cared for. Replace the live bunnies with robots and I'll bun it.
gisho, Mar 06 2009

       Quick, get Brian Eno on the phone.
tatterdemalion, Mar 06 2009

       //its an idea//   

       I'll vote for that.
skinflaps, Mar 06 2009

       How are the bunnies not cared for?   

       They get to live in doors in a gothic style luxury home with some bunny buddies. You have it all wrong this idea is all about love and caring.
vfrackis, Mar 06 2009

       I don't get it. The bunny with a golden crown is or does what?
popbottle, Dec 08 2013

       aren't bunny socks the ones that are additive, rather than subtractive, in the dryer ?
FlyingToaster, Dec 09 2013

       I don't remember the significance of the crowned bunny i'm sorry i failed to describe it, so long ago now 4 years.   

       How do you mean additive vs subtractive in the dryer please explain
vfrackis, Dec 10 2013


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