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Disposable socks

Disposable tube socks on a roll
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Socks get dirty fast. Socks get lost, mismatched, dingy, holey. Socks are a pain.

So make disposable ones! Basically a very long, narrow, stretchy fabric tube on a big roll, with glued or heat-sealed seams every so often, preceeded by perforations. Be a lot like tearing off a new plastic produce bag from the roll. Or, if that didn't work so well, have a reusable dispenser that will cut the tubing to a pre-set length and seal one end. Ten bucks for a hundred socks, or something like that. I've seen fabric tubes like this in shops and hospitals.


bjl8, Sep 05 2006

Redundant? Disposable_20Rented...ling_20Shoe_20Socks
[Shz, Sep 05 2006]

roll of socks here http://www.slosman....?Name=Sorbent+Socks
[xandram, Sep 07 2006]


       those fabric tubes are bandages and have no closed toes.
po, Sep 05 2006

       I like this one! I think its enough different that its no redundant, and sufficiently bad that noone would actually buy one(i can see the late night TV comercial now) I say bun.
jhomrighaus, Sep 05 2006

       Socks are cheap. That makes them disposable by default.
sleeka, Sep 05 2006

       And disposable socks are baked. I do like the roll, though.
Shz, Sep 05 2006

       I throw away all my tube socks before I wear them. Then my mom gives me more for Christmas.   

       I once read about a fellow who bought some sort of fabric tube for use as socks. He'd cut off a good length, and tie one end. When the heel area wore through, he'd rotate ninety degrees. After wearing out four heels, he'd cut some off the toe, tie, and have fresh heel areas on a shorter sock.
baconbrain, Sep 05 2006

       Of course not, [po]. _I_ provided that part of the idea.And I've seen things like the bowling socks in shoe stores and model home walk-throughs.
bjl8, Sep 05 2006

       of course you did (*that part of the idea*) but for dainty feet, that method is not going to be very comfortable.   

       bowling socks? I thought someone mentioned those but it wasn't me.
po, Sep 06 2006

       Pulp trees are much cheaper to grow and harvest than cotton.   

       Cotton requires lots of fertilizer, water, and pesticides. Complex specilized machinery is needed to pick, clean, and separate the cotton fibers from the dross. Cotton is suceptible to boll weevils and many other pests.   

       Pulp trees are pretty much plant and forget. After five years whack them down with a chainsaw, chop into pieces, separate out the bark and needles, and you are done. If a pest like pine beetle kills all the trees just harvest early, and plant a different species next year.
Galbinus_Caeli, Sep 06 2006

       They are weevils, which is a type of beetle that burrows into stuff, that attack the cotton boll.
Galbinus_Caeli, Sep 06 2006

       well the boll weevil and the little black bug
come from a-mexico they say
came all the way to texas
just a-lookin' for a place to stay
just a-lookin' for a home, just a-lookin' for a home

       well the first time that i seen the boll weevil
he was a-sittin' on the square
well the next time that i seen him
he had his a-family there
just a-lookin' for a home,
just a-lookin' for a home

well the farmer took the boll weevil
and he put him on the red hot sand
well the weevil said this is a-mighty hot
but i take it like a man
this will be my home, this will be my home
po, Sep 06 2006

       from disposable socks to the "boll weevil" song in ten easy steps - now let's throw in a comet and some custard powered stirling engines (+ for your forbearance bjl8)
xenzag, Sep 06 2006

       How large would a 100 sock roll of tube socks be? Has nothing to do with the validity of the idea, I'm just wondering.
Noexit, Sep 07 2006

       [Noexit] check the second link. there are dimensions and then you can calculate for 100.
xandram, Sep 07 2006

       I like this idea for baby socks. They are hard to keep track of. Washing machines eat them. They are destroyed by walking on concrete. They are separated from their mates. Stretchy papertowel baby sock sample packs could be put into packs of diapers to fit the kid who fits those diapers and to get the parents hooked.
bungston, Jan 15 2010


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