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Caffeine-impregnated socks

Socks impregnated with caffeine.
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(Not sure about the effectiveness of caffeine when absorbed dermally, but it works for nicotine so..)
Think.. where do you sweat most? Yes, through your feet. That's why you need caffeine-impregnated socks so that all through your working day you'll absorb a steady supply of caffeine and be ready for anything.
Jim, Sep 14 2001


       So are they one time use?

And will this solve the universal problem of having your foot fall asleep?
AfroAssault, Sep 14 2001

       To re-impregnate, simply add Pro-Plus to your washing powder.
Jim, Sep 14 2001

       And if you wash your underwear with those socks...?
AfroAssault, Sep 14 2001

       Woo-hoo! Party time!
Jim, Sep 14 2001

       Whoa, I'm an official 1 year old 1/2 baker now, it really is party time!
AfroAssault, Sep 14 2001

       Welcome to the Council of 1/2Elders, Afro!

This idea has managed to combine two of my three favourite things in the world. Have a coffee soaked croissant Jim. And feel free to wash it down with a beer.
DrBob, Sep 14 2001


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