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Bus Jukebox

Kind of self explanitory
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Put a jukebox at the back of the bus, so that it won't distract the driver. fix the volume knob, stock it with good music, bolt it down. makes the trip to work in the morning that much better.
schematics, Jul 09 2004


       but I don't like your choice in music [schematics] and you don't like mine.   

       Have headphone sockets at each seat. Add in a ipod interface with the same ced jukebox as it's musicstore then everyone gets to listen to their faves.
jonthegeologist, Jul 09 2004

       so long as you charge a quarter per song, to pay for it. besides, the public transit in my city barely has enough money for seats. they probably can't afford Ipods. Just wait until this solo is done, and the you can put on your celine dion. (plays air guitar in seat)
schematics, Jul 09 2004

       but just imagine all of the fifty cent that the gangstas would play on the way to school. that might get a little unbearable.
prodigious, Jul 15 2004

       One word: Vandals
bookends, Jun 06 2005


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