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Differential Accelerometry

Brace yourself
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This idea owes its existance to new baker [corezz]'s new idea "Moving Day", which I have linked below.

There are phones and other game-capable platforms which use accelerometers as, or as part of, the user interface to the game.

However, if you were to try to play such a game while riding a bus, or train, or whatnot - any starts, stops, turns, or bumps get applied directly to your gameplay.

Differential accelerometry uses accelerometers attached directly to the vehicle itself; data about the experienced accelerations is then broadcast via a short range WiFi link and is picked up by your hand-held device, which can then compensate.

lurch, Jan 29 2010

Moving Day Moving_20Day
Shake it! [lurch, Jan 29 2010]


       //I've never had trouble like this.// Neither have I. That doesn't particularly bother me, though.
lurch, Jan 29 2010

       I think a that an input filter would be more effective.
WcW, Jan 30 2010


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