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happy clappy buses

a religious sing-song on every route to cheer the inner soul.
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singing is beneficial because it increases the intake of oxygen – it goes straight to the brain, making us feel renewed, refreshed and lighthearted. where better to sing your little heart out with likeminded folk than on a bus on a drab, wet and windy day.

each route will provide buses of each denomination, which is indicated on the front board along with the final destination. even the atheists and agnostics will be provided for: perhaps something from a musical? the sound of music or the wizard of oz. perhaps on some days you might even catch an earlier or a later bus that caters for another religion, to broaden your spiritual education and awareness.

you may use the confessional at the back of the bus to relieve your conscience of such things as littering and fare dodging.

po, Sep 22 2003

Singing carriage http://www.halfbake.../Singing_20carriage
happy clappy trains [hippo, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]


       quite right - redundant. oh well the singing made me feel good for a while.
po, Sep 22 2003

       Sort of baked every second Saturday on Glasgow's "Clockwork Orange" subway - the carriages are crammed with red-white-and-blue bedecked "football fans" on their fortnightly pilgrimage to Ibrox stadium to watch Rangers. The drunken journey is made all the more invigorating by dint of the quasi-religious sing song that takes place: "We're up to our knees in Fenian blood" etc.
calum, Sep 22 2003

       anything is better than rugby songs <blush>
po, Sep 22 2003

       Trust me, these songs aren't.   

       Incidentally, I had a train carriage all to myself last night and quite happily sang along to the music on my walkman. Unfortunately, I was listening to instrumentals, so my singing was limited to less than traditional "poohm, woohhm bam backdickle-ack" type sounds. The ticket inspector looked at me somewhat askance.
calum, Sep 22 2003

       I really like the idea, [po]. It was such an one as this day today. No sign of sun and I have yet to awake. I can understand why it's been thought of before, but why hasn't it been baked?
k_sra, Sep 22 2003

       Ah yes [calum], I've been on that train. I never understood, since so many of these "fans" are so drunk, and the station at Ibrox has such a thin platform, why more of them haven't fallen onto the third rail yet?   

       The Happy Clappy bus by day...   

       The Slap-Happy Cuss Bus by night...
Tiger Lily, Sep 23 2003

       Hey, there we go, I'll take a night ticket thanks!
RoboBust, Sep 23 2003

       A choir I used to sing with once seranaded passengers on a bus on the way to a choral competition. A good time was had by all (well we didn't get any complaints). I'd very much enjoy this.. aint no such thing as too much singing.
madradish, Sep 23 2003

       Perhaps add karaoke equipment? Oh, and watch out for that guy in the blue trench coat - I just don't trust him.
Worldgineer, Sep 23 2003

       Lovely idea! [+]   

       Do not, however, operate at times when most of the passengers will be drunk and/or violent (Friday/Saturday nights) and perhaps not just religious - the musical idea was quite nice (for me, but not for everyone...)
bookends, Jun 06 2005

       I'M JEWISH PO WHAT DO YOU DO FOR THAT? *not jewish but stiill wondering*
punk_punker, Apr 05 2006

       [punk_punker] Only yesterday I heard the Chief Rabbi Sir Jonathan Sachs extoll the virtues of music on Thought for the Day . Why else would they have a cantor?
coprocephalous, Apr 05 2006


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