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Bus Passenger Rear View Mirrors

Give the punters a better view.
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When travelling on a bus or coach, there is usually a fiar view to the front and a good view to the sides, but rearward vision is very limited. The driver has rear view mirrors, often CCTV cameras, but as often as not, once something has passed, passengers can't see it.

The proposal is that large convex mirrors should be fitted to each of the window pillars at the sides of the bus, to give the occupants a rearward view; the mirrors being staggered in height so that the rearward ones do not significantly obstruct the forward ones, and adjusted to give occupants the best average view.

8th of 7, Jun 16 2008


       Ahhh 'tis bliss. To espy my parochial hometown disappear into the distance, and with it horrendous memories. To celebrate with a long and deep curative sleep. Perchance to dream.   

       One day, my friends. One day. [+]
r_kreher, Jun 17 2008


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