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Bus Window Stereogram

Bus wrap "easter egg"
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Advertising on city busses has now taken over the entire external surface area of the vehicle, in what is known as a "bus wrap." This includes the windows, which you can still see through from the inside due to a regular pattern of holes. I propose arranging the holes in a pattern that will form a three dimmensional image, ala the dot pattern stereogram posters, when you sit in the isle seat and look out the window and focus on some object at a predictable distance away along the bus route.
JakePatterson, Feb 24 2002


       Ooo, I like this one. Very doable too.
wiml, Feb 24 2002

       thanks for the spelling fix.
JakePatterson, Feb 24 2002

       You can produce one the way the holes are now. It's not easy but it looks like an infinite molecule model. Your idea is nifty!
cupgut, Dec 31 2003

       I agree nothing worst than not being able to do a "leg check" of that short skirt secretary on her way to work.
Pikkukani, Jan 09 2004


I'm surprised this idea didn't generate many responses, I really like this. Plus, it's funny to think about a bus full of people staring out the window like zombies.
AfroAssault, Mar 19 2005


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