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Business Card Grenade

"Could I have another ? I, ummm lost the first one."
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Standard size card of laminate construction featuring a plastiqued explosive compound in between pre-scored card stock layers. On the front, a standard business card; on the back, some detailed instructions and warnings.

Tear off one of the four corners and pull its enclosed string for various results : 5 and 10 second delays for a powerful confetti explosion, fire-starter (with 5 sec delay), and "disassemble" (which just mechanically pulls the card apart, separating detonation compound from explosive).

Remember which is which.

So, by the end of the conference, not many people have your company's business card (intact), but everybody remembers who supplied the party favours.

FlyingToaster, Apr 08 2018


       Place inside standard rubber party balloon, pull the 10 second delay //for a powerful confetti explosion//, desperately knot neck of balloon as fast as possible, drop balloon in a dry martini (& shield behind drinks tray in case it all goes wrong).   

       One (hopefully muffled) bang later & we have ourselves a dry martini, shaken, not stirred.
Skewed, Apr 08 2018

       Hmm, you're channelling the Borg tonight.
not_morrison_rm, Apr 08 2018

       It's mostly for amusement, not corporate sabotage - mind, you probably wouldn't want it going off in your wallet or hand.   

       The hosting establishment's janitorial and security staves might not be too amused, of course.
FlyingToaster, Apr 08 2018


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