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Car toasties

car companies take note
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I think that a small flat bed toasted sandwich maker big enough for one sandwich located in the glove box would be a welcome addition to any car. Also feel free to post your toastie recipies on here as I am compiling a recipie book.
Gulherme, Aug 30 2002

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       Hmmmm toastie....I'll just reach over into my glove compartment while I'm at the traffic lights...Open sesame...bread goes in...WHAT THE F@£$ AAARGH MY BURNING HAND!!!!!!!....as the car screeches against the handbrake, after my flailing carcass hits the gas, and careers into oncoming traffic.   

       Its quite a good idea. But alas, a cheddar cheese, ham, pickled onion toastie would be my undoing.
Jinbish, Aug 30 2002

       Ok well that would be a problem, maby it could work like tvs in cars that only turn on below a certain amount of revs.
Gulherme, Aug 30 2002

       I think that would have to be the way forward... otherwise gluttonous idiots like me will become extinct very quickly.   

       Its an idea about toasties. And I haven't had breakfast yet. And as if to taunt my hungry belly, its a croissant that I'm giving away.
Jinbish, Aug 30 2002

       And how about a little holder for the cigarette lighter so one could place a tiny frying pan on it and make wee flapjacks?
FarmerJohn, Aug 30 2002

       I second [Jinbish]'s hungry motion. I had to make do with a slice of blackcurrent cheesecake this morning. <rumble> I think car related/powered cooking utensils are lacking from design. I'm sure a tiny little microwave could be made to fit in place of most glove boxes. Also this brings back memories of that nescafe ad with the woman in the beetle and the cigarette lighter-plug-in kettle element she puts directly in the mug, to make coffee. (I can see clearly now the rain is gone etc...)
Zircon, Aug 30 2002

       Hmm a toastie maker in the center console, microwave in the glove box, a little fridge in the boot. Oh farmer john you are obviously very unskilled in the art of toastie, a flat bed toasted sandwich maker can double as a frying pan.
Gulherme, Aug 30 2002

       Thank you [Zircon] for reminding me of that ad (I can see Deirdre now Lorraine has gone etc...). I am also reminded of something I saw years ago about cooking food on top of your car engine. The principle was that you could wrap e.g. a salmon in aluminium foil and tie it to the top of your engine block. When you arrived at your picnic destination, it would be perfectly cooked.
hippo, Aug 30 2002

       hippo: That works well on diesel Land Rovers.   

       Gulherme: all your vehicle catering equipment needs are fully Baked (fried, grilled or microwaved) at the Elf Petroleum truckstop just off the Calais Nord autoroute.
8th of 7, Aug 30 2002

       Not to the standards I'm talking about.
Gulherme, Aug 31 2002


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