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Ccoi..cua..cas... the pastry thing

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I have a problem: I generaly have to write + vote because I can never remember how to spell coissaunt(sp?)...

The idea is to make sure that the c word is somewhere on the left between the tagline and "idea"...

RobertKidney, Aug 30 2001

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       Why? The c word doesn't need displaying at all.
Lemon, Aug 30 2001

       ...and lots of butter.
beauxeault, Aug 30 2001

       Incidentally, I wonder if the croissant is one of those "pretend everything was invented by the French" things. The crescent-shaped pastry was invented by a Viennese baker who, up early to do the days' baking, heard sounds of tunnelling under his bakery and alerted the defending army, who used the information to defeat the intrusion attempt of the Turkish forces laying siege to Vienna. For his role in the victory, the emperor awarded the baker an exclusive franchise on a new pastry creation. The crescent shape was used to recall the crescent in the Turks' flags.   

       But how did it get a French name (was French the language of the Austrian court?), and why do people think it's a French creation?
beauxeault, Aug 30 2001

       'French croissant was used to translate German Hörnchen, the name given by the Viennese to this pastry, which was first baked in 1689 to commemorate the raising of the siege of Vienna by the Turks, whose symbol was the crescent.' (From Dictionary.com.)
angel, Aug 30 2001

       Oui! Un Croissant d' Guerre!
Dog Ed, Aug 31 2001

       has anyone heard of the trojan croissant?
po, Sep 02 2001

       I haven't. Anyone else?
angel, Sep 03 2001

       You could just write pastry. Or copy the spelling of croissant from one of these annotations on to a piece of paper and blu-tack it to the side of your computer screen. Or just not bother.
CoolerKing, Sep 03 2001

       Given the above, a croissanwich with a little sausage in it would have more integrity.
ensalata, Jan 24 2003


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