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Ghetto Laundromat

One-stop shop for everything else
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Inner-city laundromat typically does not have a diverse product mix or provision for services.

In addition to detergent sold from vending machines, the ideal ghetto laundromat vendor machines would also sell basketballs, baseball bats, hard liquors, smokes, rolling-paper, ammunition, hub-cap crowbars, ski masks, fake I.D.'s, balaclavas and Timberland boots.

Supermegalomaniac, Sep 08 2002

Internet Laundrette http://www.laundrette.com.au
24 Hour Laundrette & Cybercafe with streaming webcam. Located in Fertree Gully - Outer Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne Australia. [joneff, Oct 04 2004]


       <clicks red shoes> sunhat? sunscreen?
po, Sep 08 2002

       But 'patrons' would only pay for the bats. :-)
tharsaile, Sep 09 2002

bristolz, Sep 09 2002

       Lets not forget doo rags!
sitkoff, Sep 09 2002

       What ghetto do you live in? Most business establishments in the ghetto sell "everything".
Jscotty, Oct 18 2007


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