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Cereal Killers

All you can eat cereal restaurant
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Do you miss those college days, where you would sit in the dining hall, abstain from eating their diuretic offerings, and chow down on cereal for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Cereal Killers will be an all-you-can-eat Cereal restaurant, offering a wide assortment of cereals from your childhood favorites to more healthy varieties, different milks including vegetarian options, as well as a coffee and fruit smoothie bar. Additions to the cereal including bananas, strawberries, raspberries... would be available at an additional cost. The restaurant would have wi-fi to accommodate internet browsing and would be open late into the evening.
wowerback, Sep 28 2010

Cereality http://www.cerealit...m/news_articles.php
one of several links provided by a brief google search for "cereal restaurant" [kaz, Sep 28 2010]

My son-in-laws store http://www.thecerealbowl.com/
Yum [blissmiss, Sep 29 2010]

Baked in Philly... http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/6630816/
[xandram, Sep 29 2010]


       I believe cereal bars exist. I vaguely remember a link from [blissmiss], or was it her real world persona? I can't remember.
kaz, Sep 28 2010

       This was one of the things about college days that I miss the least. In fact, I think I missed it during my college days.   

       If I want to eat cereal, I'll eat it at home.
Boomershine, Sep 28 2010

       Hello to you [wowerback], by the way. Welcome to the bakery. Have fun, and mind the residents.
kaz, Sep 28 2010

       Welcome [wowerback], but this won't do. Cereal Killers is an old and tired joke, and nowhere near smart enough even as a play on words for this place. You need to try harder next time. [marked-for-deletion] thinly disguised pun. (see help file for more information) - Better luck next time - my first idea got canned as well.
xenzag, Sep 28 2010

       Just get the pun out of the title. Can't find an all- you-can-eat cereal restaurant... I dunno if the minor difference will help evade an [mfd] baked, but it's worth a shot.
daseva, Sep 28 2010

       [xen] whoa there - hold on the mfd/pun.   

       There is an idea here (a restaurant serving mainly cereal). The pun title may have prompted it, or may have followed it, but the idea is self-supporting.   

       That said, I can see issues with this. Namely   

       (a) very few people want to go somewhere to eat cereal (or do they?);   

       (b) given a finite seating capacity, the restaurant is going to have to charge quite a lot for a bowl of cereal;   

       (c) preparing cereal is not exactly difficult, making it tricky to persuade patrons to pay the price alluded to in (b);   

       (d) there are very few wines that go with cornflakes, except for a few Australian reds. This will restrict profits.   

       (e) basically, it's a pants idea.   

       [EDIT - I just saw Kaz's link. But it's still a pants idea. Bet they go bust in a year.]
MaxwellBuchanan, Sep 28 2010

       My son-in-law owns an all you can eat, and put-on cereal restaurant. I'll link it. He will love the p.r.
blissmiss, Sep 29 2010

       I've never heard of a cereal bar/restaurant before: sounds neat. [+]   

       Keep the title: it's a corny proper name for the eatery or franchise.   

       I'd be on the mfd bandwagon too it if it had said "a cereal killer is a type of restaurant that features only cereal"
FlyingToaster, Sep 29 2010

       //d) there are very few wines that go with cornflakes//

Traditionally Max, the working class use Scotch with their Cornflakes rather than wine. Well, until cirrhosis of the liver catches up with us anyway.
DrBob, Sep 29 2010

       There used to be a hi-fi shop in London called The Cornflake Shop which was originally supposed to be something along these lines (but ended up selling hi-fi).
hippo, Sep 29 2010

       I knew [blissmiss]'d put up a link. Thank you [bliss] for confirming for myself I wasn't imagining it.
kaz, Sep 29 2010

       It would be a case of swapping one type of chip for another, in order to make more bread, [Ian T].
infidel, Sep 30 2010

       //In Basic, nobody eats until the table is full//   

       Do they give you a harsh scolding if you put your elbows on the table, as well? You airmen are a bunch of nancys.   

       Now that's out of the way, welcome to the HB, [wowerback]. I'd eat at your restaurant. Kudos for properly spelling restaurant. (I spelled it by copying off your spelling). Your idea does, however, fall short for the reasons already listed. That and the pun may be considered offensive by the serial killers that do frequent this site. And we don't want to offend them, now. Do we?
MikeD, Sep 30 2010

       //In Basic, nobody eats until the table is full// [beware geek joke coming up]
30 IF A% > B% THEN GOTO 20
50 END
zen_tom, Sep 30 2010

       [zen_tom] has obviously been through BASIC training.
mouseposture, Oct 01 2010

       A DO LOOP would be better... less spagetti code.
MikeD, Oct 01 2010


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