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The Dark

Best Place For A Blind Date
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Where diners enjoy their courses in total darkness. Foodies would flock to make reservations because as we all know, eating with one's eyes closed heightens the taste buds and the sense of smell.
ebrands, Apr 22 2003

I knew I'd seen this before http://www.time.com...0729-322741,00.html
Sorry, baked. [Worldgineer, Oct 04 2004]

Redundant, anyway http://www.halfbake...eal_20blind_20dates
And I knew I'd seen it here before. [DrCurry, Oct 04 2004]

Nocti Vagus (Berlin) http://www.noctivagus.de
[jutta, Dec 26 2004, last modified Jan 08 2007]

Dark Restaurant, Bejing (Dec 2006) http://news.xinhuan...content_5563981.htm
[jutta, Jan 08 2007]


       ebrands - can you think of any non-visual cues to allow diners and staff to perform their respective functions with out danger / undue mess? That would make this better.   

       My Dad used to tell me about a college friend of his who loved oysters so much that he would eat them while wearing a paper bag over his head so he wouldn't be distracted from the oyster eating experience.
snarfyguy, Apr 22 2003

       What a totally excellent link, [Worldgineer]! I so want to go to that restaurant!
snarfyguy, Apr 22 2003

       I know - I read about it a while ago and it's on my must-do list if ever in germany.
Worldgineer, Apr 22 2003

       I think probably fondue would not be served.
bungston, Apr 22 2003

       Sort of takes the fun out of embarrassing friends when you tell the waiter/waitress that it's someones birthday. Just a bunch of people singing "happy happy birthday" in the dark..   

       I hope it's not Japanese Hibachi (flipping shrimp into the hat and flaming onion volcano won't be fun) or Chinese (I have enough trouble with Chopsticks)...   

       Great way to fake-out vegetarians also !
mahatma, Apr 23 2003

       Um... as a vegetarian let me say it would take a lot more than blindness to fool us. I can usually tell by the scent of food rather than the look of it whether it contains dead animal.
Worldgineer, Apr 23 2003

       Don't like this idea, I am a VERY good looking person, and have no personality to speak of. What would there be to distract from my boring conversation and uncomfortable silences?
Mr Risk, Apr 23 2003

       who said that? was it you [world]?
po, Apr 23 2003

       No, I'm over here feeling aroung for my contact lens. Watch out for something crunchy in your soup.
Worldgineer, Apr 23 2003

       dammit, another filling gone.
po, Apr 23 2003

       >CRASH< Ow! Crap. Are you okay? Sorry everyone.
snarfyguy, Apr 23 2003

       no cheating, dag. Is that you that keeps tapping me on the sholder?
Worldgineer, Apr 23 2003

       Hey! Who brought in the laser pointer? I knew this was a bad choice for a halfbakery lunch meeting...
snarfyguy, Apr 23 2003


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