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Immersive Restaurant

The Immersive Restaurant has rearprojection screens for walls
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The Immersive Restaurant/bar would change personality projections on screens/walls on a weekly schedule. Monday you could dine with a 360 degree underwater environment. Tuesday: skydiving (maybe in slowmo for less vomit). Wednesday Picnic on New Zealand Mountaintop. Thursday: assorted Clint Eastwood movies scattered on each wall, Friday: Microphotography. Saturday: Footage from a random party.

It would always be changing.

macrumpton, May 24 2004

"Blackout" review http://www.theage.c....html?from=storyrhs
Subtle twist: sensory depravation, dissociate sight from taste and smell. [araminty, Oct 05 2004]


       I'm surprised you didn't title this idea, "Dinner and a Movie".
jurist, May 25 2004

       How about a night when the walls present a 360 image taken from the middle of the kitchen? They could display footage of your food being prepared? Given the popularity of cooking shows and the boredom of waiting for your food I would certainly watch.
dobtabulous, May 25 2004

       I like it, but the schedule should be random, not constant. Perhaps a schedule could be provided if the customers want a particular atmosphere. That reminds me: you left out space.
ghillie, May 25 2004

       Dad ... I know what the sign _says_ but the dancers aren't _really_ inside ... why would Mom care?
dpsyplc, May 25 2004


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