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Colour themed resturant menu

A resturant where you order meals by colour
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In order to simplify ordering at resturants, and to stretch a chefs skill, why not have a colour themed menu. For instance you could order a red starter, yellow main course and blue sweet. Its then down to the chef to combine local in-season fresh produce to produce a meal of the required colours. For the client, its exciting to discover what you're going to get ( or maybe a daily menu could give you a clue) and for the chef its more interesting as it takes more skill.

And for dunces like me it makes ordering at a resturant so much simpler. I actually do this at home sometimes for a laugh. My favourite is the bright orange main course, where I have baked beans, red leicester cheese, carrots and fish fingers.

Bobble, Mar 12 2004

Deal-a-Meal cards http://members.trip...m/sue_in_nj/dam.htm
Red for proteins; brown for starches; blue for dairy; green for vegetables... [waugsqueke, Oct 04 2004]


       Obviously a man of sophisticated tastes [bobble].   

       I kind of like this. I could match my meal to my clothing and then a the splats wouldn't show up. I also have great difficulty choosing from a large menu so I like that too. Leaving the choice to the waiter or chef is something I've done a few times and it's always turned out great. So +
squeak, Mar 12 2004

       What color(s) would the wines have?
FarmerJohn, Mar 12 2004

       What about the colour blind ? They could end up with a very strange combination of meals. Suggest meals by numbers as in a chinese restruant.
mate, Mar 12 2004

       Ordering drinks, most colours would result in either a cocktail or a fruit juice. Even if you ask for a specific shade of red, the head barman could still decide to give you a cranberry juice mixture etc.
Bobble, Mar 12 2004

       [mate] The colour blind would be no better or worse off than any one else - even the truly blind. Why would it affect them ? They can still ask for a puce main course (or whatever) can't they ? The idea is that the whole course is of one colour.
Bobble, Mar 12 2004

       My mother would hate this, since she believes that every plateful must contain a wide variety of colours to make it look nice, and will throw in random red pepper, carrot, radish, etc, if the food is insufficiently rainbow-like.   

       Green, orange, puce, or even white would be easy. How would you do black without burning everything? (Olives, liquorish, black-eyed beans not too tasty.) And what about blue? (blueberries and um blue curacao?)   

       Trying to have a drink for every colour is good fun though.
kropotkin, Mar 12 2004

       I would like the infrared special as appetizer and then the ultraviolet main course.   

       What color is blue cheese?
kbecker, Mar 12 2004

       Sweet! Now I could have blue,red, yellow,and green eggs/ham.
WhirlyTwirley, Apr 08 2006

       I often order drinks by colour if it feels like too much trouble to decide. "Ummm, get meeee, ummm, something...pink, please barman". They normally seem to quite like the challenge.
daaisy, Apr 08 2006

       //I often order drinks by colour if it feels like too much trouble to decide.//   

       I do that, too! I once got a very large purple thing with sparklers. Impressive- didn't taste to good though.
NotTheSharpestSpoon, Apr 09 2006


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