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"I Swear" Family Restaurant

Language has never been so much fun!
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I'm currently living in Japan and am not sure as to whether or not smoking/non smoking eating establishments still exist in other health conscious parts of the world but... where I am located; it is quite normal indeed!!!

One day I decided to stray from the usual 'cool crowd' over in the smoking section, and eat amongst the families over in the soda pop section.. wow! quite different I must admit. I felt quite restrained actually.. Then... it occured! I envisioned a new breed of restaurant. A restaurant that in my opinion could be controversial enough to actually work. stay with me... As you enter through the front carpark, you notice a large sign "I Swear!"...some kind of 'holy are you' font. You proceed through the front door where you encounter a seemingly pleasant waitress. "Swearing or non-swearing!" she asks.. depending on your preference of course, the rest of the evening is up to you. case study:1. non swearing please. you mutter as you are shifted upstairs with all the other non-swearing patrons to experience a rather pleasant evening.(if that's what you're into).. case study:2. swearing please! ohhh aren't you confident. "That way a**hole!" she orders. (??i'm a newbee...can we swear at the halfbake??) Anyway.. At this point you are best to make a real entrance and fire back with some kind of bad taste insult. The waiters and waitresses could work at whichever section their current state of mind would beckon. If you are having a bad night and don't feel like smiling..hell, you wanna scream abuse at some unsuspecting customer; Feel free to do so and spend some time in the swearing section. The menus would be completely different in each section as well... The objective is to swear! swear! swear. Staff MUST undergo training. This training will be conducted by extremely abusive people (head chefs???maybe??)

If a member of the staff catches a non-swearer in the swearing section; they will be immediately removed and sent upstairs! The other members of the group will not be able to accompany them! swear you head off about it..it will only make your stay more welcomed!

ben reeve, Jan 22 2005

How'bout a game of tennis before lunch. Insult_20tennis
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       Would the swearing section specialize in cuss-tard?
robinism, Jan 22 2005

       I like this, suits my moods.
dentworth, Jan 22 2005

       ...can we swear at the halfbake?   

       Ask yourself, would people voluntarily do this or would another fine dining establishment go flambé in the courts after a challenge by some pig whose only life accomplishment is holding piss longer than breath.
reensure, Jan 22 2005

       [ben reeve], regarding your question, can we swear at Halfbakery. I did a search on "pooty" and it is out there. Well... I said it. I haven't looked any other words up yet (maybe).
Mustardface, Jan 23 2005

       Halfbakery #&! After-hours.
reensure, Jan 23 2005

       Delibarately making such a restoraunt, training the staff to swear, making rules, etc. It's new idea, at least for me. I bet there are people out there who would love such place, e.g., when something or someone makes you nervous.   

       * IMHO, swearing is good only when it is indispensible to get one's ideas accross, and when it is good to get those ideas accross (i.e., it has no unwanted consequences).
Inyuki, Jan 24 2005

       Reminds me of a Monty Python clip I heard, "Argument Clinic." Interesting idea to say the least.
wittyhoosier, May 10 2006

       There could be some sort of prize for the most creative insult each evening, or a list of memorable ones could be displayed on the wall, you liver-licking cesspit spawn.
imaginality, May 10 2006

       It's a great idea (and it's called "Dick's Last Resort").
EINSane, May 11 2006


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