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Champagne Fountain Urinal

For the nob who has everything
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Messrs. Obsequious and Grovel take pleasure in announcing our fine new invention for the enjoyment of noble gentlemen in every mansion.

Our patented Champagne Fountain Urinal is a urinal in the form of a stack of champagne glasses (quarter-sized miniatures). A gentleman using this elegant device may enjoy the pleasantly aesthetic sight of his golden liquid flowing down the stack of glasses as he relieves himself.

The glasses have hollow stems, with small magnetic plugs in their bases. Activating the electromagnet under the base of the urinal pulls the plugs down, this ingenious mechanism allowing the liquid in the glasses to drain easily.

Our glasses are made of a tough glass resistant to breakage, but are not joined together, and lateral force from a mis-aimed emanation could cause some of the glasses to tumble. This need not concern one: should such an eventuality occur, the glasses can be swiftly and easily re-stacked by any competent butler.

imaginality, Dec 29 2006

Champagne Fountain (with nob) http://www.winedine...uk/page.php?cid=182
[imaginality, Dec 29 2006]


       Don't eat the pink lollies.
ConsulFlaminicus, Dec 29 2006

       I like it, as long as someone else has to clean it. +
xenzag, Dec 29 2006

       Ha! But I'd go for glued-together glasses - I doubt my butler would go for the restacking option.
DrCurry, Dec 29 2006

       Somehow I was expecting this to be a [copro] idea.
normzone, Dec 29 2006


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