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Cheese book

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A small yet thick book, in which each page is a thin leaf of a different cheese, with intercalated wax paper.
MaxwellBuchanan, Sep 17 2007

Bishop Kennedy http://www.cheese.c...me=Bishop%20Kennedy
[Voice, Sep 18 2007]

Saga Cheese http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Saga_cheese
[Voice, Sep 18 2007]

Golden Cross http://www.cheese.c...Name=Golden%20Cross
[Voice, Sep 18 2007]

Feta http://www.cheese.c...ption.asp?Name=Feta
[Voice, Sep 18 2007]

Whey http://www.beechers...library_ar_whey.php
[Voice, Sep 18 2007]

Blue http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blue_cheese
[Voice, Sep 18 2007]

Jack, CoJack http://en.wikipedia.../wiki/Monterey_Jack
[Voice, Sep 18 2007]

Edam http://en.wikipedia.../wiki/Edam_(cheese)
[Voice, Sep 18 2007]

Swiss http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Swiss_cheese
[Voice, Sep 18 2007]

Wikipedia http://www.wikipedia.org/
[normzone, Sep 18 2007]

[Voice] http://www.halfbakery.com/user/Voice
[normzone, Sep 18 2007]

Cheese http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=pDat9zdw7Gs
I would like to buy some cheese please. [Jinbish, Sep 18 2007]

(?) book http://www.artisana...ducts.asp?dept=1014
[xandram, Sep 18 2007]

book reviews http://www.forkandb...ebook/cheesebks.htm
[xandram, Sep 18 2007]


       Is there anything printed/embossed on the cheese? I must know.
Texticle, Sep 18 2007

       just a cheesy little story with an oily character named Jack.
dentworth, Sep 18 2007

       He fell in love with a milk maid. Butter mother had udder plans.
dentworth, Sep 18 2007

       It's a brief tale, but a gouda one. They were from different worlds - she was Swiss, while he came from Jersey.
normzone, Sep 18 2007

       From Edam to Rockford, IL: chronicles of the fall.
xipetotec, Sep 18 2007

       She had a Golden Cross that she got from from Bishop Kennedy, but when ill Feta Bleu their Whey (a sad tala), Jack said, we must visit the Salers to Cojack to Rockford.   

       the Saga continues...
Voice, Sep 18 2007

       Is that a teaser for the movie?
normzone, Sep 18 2007

       It's not normally my whey to bring a sense to proceedings... but
i) This will be a very smelly book, and
ii) The cheeses tastes will commute to each other...
Jinbish, Sep 18 2007

       Needs bread covers.
skinflaps, Sep 18 2007

       Gorgonzola is a nice cheese. Gorgonzola also happens to be my favourite word (Heard it when I was a little tacker - most surprised to find out later that it was a cheese - had the impression it was for describing something large or good!). Gorgonzola! [+]
the dog's breakfast, Sep 18 2007

       Good grief. Leave this place for a few hours and I come back to find it infested with puns.   

       In reply to Texticle's question, each page would be embossed with the name of the previous page's cheese. This is so that, when you have ripped out one page and are in the middle of eating it, you can still see the name of the cheese you are eating.   

       As for the rest of you, words fail me.
MaxwellBuchanan, Sep 18 2007

       Puns in Abondance!
Jinbish, Sep 18 2007

       //I come back to find it infested with puns.//   

       You'll need AVC and Cheesebot to clear it up.
skinflaps, Sep 18 2007

       Wallace and Grommit material to be sure. A cheese book wouldn't work though, have some fish. (-) You only want cheese that will not crumble, crack, split, rip, droop, melt, ooze, tear, flake, or splinter. And that's American Cheese. (frowny face)
k_sra, Sep 18 2007

       I find this book really grating.
phundug, Sep 18 2007

       Oh, here the refrigerated section of the library, we have cheese books, salami encyclopedias, and a bunch of bologna.
This book might stink.
xandram, Sep 18 2007

       I have just dined on soda bread and Azeitao - a cheese so runny that you have to cut the top off the rind and spoon the cheese out onto your bread (or straight into your mouth). Not good for a book.
wagster, Sep 18 2007

       //a cheese so runny that you have to cut the top off the rind and spoon the cheese out onto your bread //   

       my point exactly. think how many delicious cheeses must be discriminated against in order to make this cheese book! if you could fit the bleu's and fetas along side the havarti and bries of this world, i would bun in an instant!
k_sra, Sep 18 2007

       If it's any consolation, I've boned it myself.
MaxwellBuchanan, Sep 18 2007

       we don't need to know that. : (
k_sra, Sep 19 2007

       //intercalated wax paper//
Or a wax paper book, for pressing wild cheeses.
ldischler, Sep 20 2007

       //we don't need to know that. : (//   

       but are a little curious anyway.
the dog's breakfast, Sep 20 2007

       : (//   

       <Very, very sad. Cuts throat twice.>
wagster, Sep 20 2007

       well, smiley did turn 25 yesterday. and it's such a difficult age!
k_sra, Sep 20 2007


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