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Chess with Knives

A chess set containing pieces, board, and knives.
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Also a chopping board, chess with knives kit contains two decorative plated knives, sold to guide the emory stone pieces across the board with the pair's fine precision sharpened edges. Chess with Knives is a rated gameboard for children 14 and over.
rcarty, Sep 15 2013


       culture: game: chess: theme:   

       so not a cutting board with 2 sets of 16 knives including 8 little steak knives ?
FlyingToaster, Sep 15 2013

       Not ctegorizing is halfbakery meta rules. Obviously there is going to be incompleteness arising in categorizations.
rcarty, Sep 15 2013

       If this were for sale, would you buy it?
MaxwellBuchanan, Sep 15 2013

       Probably for the cutting board, and the stones, and the knives but not necessarily to play the game with knives, that's just a joke about selling a dangerous product that you should not do. Haha not do.   

       It's sort of funny thinking about second-degree stabbings from volatile game players for those who play the game by titular rules. It's meant to be played with manners, and at times a player must request the other player's knife to lift a piece if necessary, for example jumping a pawn with a knight.
rcarty, Sep 15 2013

       I like flyingtoaster's take on the idea more. I'd love to have that many knives. And if playing with pieces that are knives the chess match progresses by the players knife fighting each time. Obviously the game would be played by turns enticing the other to strike a shield. If the attacking player strikes the shield, say with a pawn blade attacking a queen, that player uses short piece disadvantage to kill the queen. Say the queen blade strikes the attacker's shield first, with longer blade advantage then queen defends position for that turn only. Without shields the game progesses according to the first stabbed, however as games can be quite long this version is saved for championship matches.   

       In such championship matches when the body is the target, players may choose to fight with the longer bladed queen for reach advantage, but that carries with it the risk of losing the piece. However because in this game effective defences mean the pieces are not lost against successfully defended attacks, the gameplay is much different than ususal. For instance a game might have multiple attempts at checkmate if the defender is successful using the longest king blade parrying in defence, and first making bodily, or shield contact.
rcarty, Sep 15 2013

       Chess with spoons? Chess with forks? Chess with sporks? Chess with cleavers? Chess with spatulas? Chess with flames?   

       Chess with distractions.
popbottle, Sep 16 2013

       Ooh, chess with puzzles. Once you decide on your move, you have to figure out how to unlock the piece in order to move it...
RayfordSteele, Sep 16 2013


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