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Christ Hansen - To catch a dater!

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This is like most 'to catch a predator' show. However instead of pretending to be a 15 year old. The show gets some hot women to act as a 30 year old woman online.

Basically they try to catch people online who breaks all social dating rules online, and offline.

At the end of the day, Christ Hansen will say "Why don't you have a seat over there..." before asking them why they think they are where they are right now.

After being 'outed', they will get a free subscription for a training service to act more 'gentlemanly', and hopefully increasing their chance in relationship by making them act better.

-------- How to catch a 20+ year old man who enjoys the company of 20+ year old women, but instead spends his time playing WoW, eating noodles and browsing for free porn: With Chris Hansen. -by reddit user infamous-spaceman

mofosyne, Oct 31 2010


       Shirley, there is an easier way to explain this.
daseva, Oct 31 2010

       The show needs to remake these tragic toads into the smoothest of smooth operators - guys you would want your sister to date.
bungston, Feb 28 2011

       //Basically they try to catch people online who breaks all social dating rules online, and offline.//
So, //Christ// Hansen helps to spot an unpolished turd amongst the polished turds, and then helps to polish the turd. Nothing different from the usual show then, innit? Substitution of A with B, recipe....
4whom, Feb 28 2011


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