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Blind Date meets survivor and ventures to third world nations.
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Why not take those beautiful and crazy kids from Blind Date, give them a 750 mL bottle of water, ten dollars, and a set of clues, and drop them off in a scary third world country with three hints to where the plane tickets to leave may be, hidden someplace within 50 miles of their current location?

They could be air lifted in, with sacks over their heads, like political prisoners. It's the ultimate bonding experience, because you may die if you don't stick together.

DirtyEpic, Jan 05 2004


       I'd watch...
v0rtexx, Jan 05 2004

       Oh yeah, [Dirty], I'm sure you'll find tons of cameramen willing to volunteer to film a show where they might die.
Overpanic, Jan 05 2004

       Sounds a bit like "lost" a UK Channel 4 show that I've linked elsewhere on the site.   

       I don't think I'd watch: I've got phone sex to see me through the emptiness.
calum, Jan 05 2004

       Keep the bags on their heads throughout the duration.
skinflaps, Jan 05 2004

       i'd only watch if i knew there was no plane for them to find. f**k em.
etherman, May 05 2004


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