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Last Man on Earth

Obviously a show for the Fox network
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Find the biggest loser you can find and put him on an island with 8 women, and let him go on dates with each one while the camera records his actions. The guy wins if he can actually get one of the women to like him. His prize: the satisfaction of dating a supermodel and perhaps even a vacation with her. As an added bonus, whether he wins or not he will receive instant celebrity status, which may or may not help him meet women afterwards.
The women should all be extremely beautiful and chosen to match his personal preferences. To make the show more interesting, one of the women should be a man in disguise. The drag queen should be not too obvious, ie. not too tall or too muscular, and should fit in with the women. The transvestite will be given a bonus for scoring (dating, kissing, etc.) with the guy. The women should be sworn to secrecy about the big secret.
The idea may seem evil or sadistic, but it isn't really that bad. The man should be a really cocky, totally clueless, fairly sheltered induhvidual who often strikes out with women. This isn't a "nice guy" who lacks aggressiveness, but rather a immature, rude jerk who misunderstands women and oversteps his bounds.
He only has a 1 in 8 chance of picking the drag queen, and the sympathy he gets from the women will actually help his chances of winning. The women may try to overlook his rudeness and try to connect with him on a personal level.
The show is ultimately a cross between "Blind Date", Temptation Island" with a touch of "Jerry Springer". During the show, humorous video overlay graphics make fun of the poor sap (a la "Blind Date" or "Pop-Up Video") and let the audience know exactly what the guy is doing wrong. Perhaps guys all over the world will learn something.
After two dates with the guy each woman will have the option to leave. And leave a video message for the guy. After a few women leave, maybe the guy will change his act. It'll be like watching a child grow up as the guy matures.
juan2003, Jun 24 2001

Contestants in transsexual show to sue Sky http://media.guardi...493,1074310,00.html
Maybe [juan2003] could sue sky as well... [RobertKidney, Oct 04 2004]


       Please can I apply? (To be the contestant, not the drag queen.) I think I fit the criteria.
steg, Jun 24 2001

       Nice comma between "first" and "disastrous", UnaBubba.
hippo, Jun 26 2001

       Agree with hippo. Like that old question that you can't possibly give a yes/no answer to without it sounding really bad:
Hey, so tell me, do you still beat your wife?

       <just to ensure this is not taken the wrong way - this is not directred at anyone in particular (particularly not UnaBubba), and no inference should be read into it - it's just supposed ot be a funny line. You have to be so careful on the HB these days...>
goff, Jun 26 2001

       Of course this happens in real life; that's why it's called a "reality show". We like to see real people is messed up situations. You can't legally spy on the couple next door, but this is the next best thing. Who wouldn't enjoy seeing the jerk get his comeuppance? Or at least see him learn a lesson? It all happens on this show. Maybe the drag queen is superfluous; you could leave her/him out. You might give it fishbones now, but if this were on TV, it would get high ratings. And as the excutive producer, I'd get to meet all of the women. Who can resist the executive producer of a highly rated TV series?
juan2003, Jun 27 2001

       [UnaBubba] You reminded me of John Peel (who has probably been married for ~30 yrs) - it is said that he still introduces his wife to people as "This is Sheila, my first wife..."
hippo, Jun 27 2001

       //He only has a 1 in 8 chance of picking the drag queen//

If the guy's as much of a loser as your hoping for then I suspect that the odds of picking the drag queen are very much higher.
DrBob, Jun 27 2001

       People are certainly mean arnt they? Just remember, your not mad at me, your mad at your father!!
rBg, Aug 20 2002

       This has been pretty much baked (except with one woman(well actually not a woman) and a bunch of men). See link.   

       Its been in the news a bit for a while and its been bugging me, because I was sure I'd heard the idea before. Is this the first time a non-baker has baked an idea after its been on here?
RobertKidney, Nov 01 2003


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