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TV dating show for the painfully shy
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It's hard for very shy people to meet other very shy people, so this TV show facilitates their meeting each other, and gives the viewing audience a treat as well.

This show puts two very shy, quiet people on a blind date in a nice restaurant, and has cameras trained on them so you can see what they are saying / not saying to each other.

Though the two participants might really want to get to know each other, they will probably have difficulty talking and expressing that. Uncomfortable silence will prevail for the majority of the shows.

And yet, some shows will end happily, with the ice beginning to break and closeness and comfort beginning to form. This will be especially heartwarming for the viewers, to see that the two daters have gotten past this incredible hurdle.

phundug, Jul 01 2003


       Sounds painful. There are dating games aplenty, with or without "reality," and most people watching television want to be entertained, not bored.
DrCurry, Jul 01 2003

       Ow! No, Curry, this would be entertaining, but in a really sadistic way. There must be some demographic group that gets off on other people's awkwardness.   

       Watch them sweat, hem and haw, both start to talk at once. Make sure they get dribble glasses and suchlike, to guarantee maximum illness at ease.
snarfyguy, Jul 01 2003

       Aug. 13th [Variety]. The syndicated dating show Shy-sters has been canceled after only one episode. Apparently the producers could find no one willing to appear on the program.
kevindimie, Jul 01 2003

       Cute, but not thirty minutes cute. Except maybe on PBS. With violin music. And a fund-drive phone bank. And clips from old movies with Bogey and Grant. And frequent trips to the potty. And some ice-cream. And a good book...
k_sra, Jul 01 2003

       //phone bank// Callers, in exchange for a pledge, could suggest phrases to the shy couple to "help" them and of course to add to the entertainment value?
half, Jul 01 2003

       Sadists could pay to feed excruciatingly awkward lines to the couple.
snarfyguy, Jul 01 2003

       // Sadists could pay to feed excruciatingly awkward lines to the couple //   

       Or the viewers could offer the daters advice over the internet during the show, e.g. "ASK HER HER NAME!"
phundug, Jul 01 2003

       Be more fun to find some excuse to stop by the restaurant, engineer an introduction, and steal the bird. ("Hey, doll, is this guy boring you? Why don't you talk to me instead? I'm from a different planet." etc.)
DrCurry, Jul 01 2003

       carp is a fish?
po, Jul 01 2003

Pericles, Jul 01 2003


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