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Venereal Archipelago

Temptation Island Sequel
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Take 20 young attractive singles, place them on a idyllic island paradise and give them all debilitating syphillis. Lights, Camera, Action!
lsenater, Oct 23 2001

testicular elephantitis http://cas.bellarmi...ges/heavyweight.jpg
It take balls to win... [lsenater, Oct 23 2001, last modified Oct 04 2004]


       What to get the person who has everything? Penicillin?
lsenater, Oct 23 2001

       The endgame of [UB]'s "Collect the set" variation would be full of strategy. For example, if you had collected everything except for example, genital warts it would be bad strategy to simply have sex with someone who had genital warts as this would risk passing on all your hard-won ailments to them and allowing them to win. I predict the endgame would be an orgy of strage sexual practices designed to heighten the probability of passing on specific conditions.
hippo, Oct 23 2001

       Managing to contract testicular elephantitis should definitely count towards a bonus prize.   

       Meanwhile, why not move all reality TV, The Weakest Link, Jerry Springer & his ilk, along with most soap operas over to The Schadenfreude Station - All Misery, All the Time.
Now THAT'S entertainment!
lsenater, Oct 23 2001, last modified Oct 24 2001

       I thought the Balearics were the venereal archipelago...
calum, Oct 23 2001

       Croissant (more for the Schadenfreude Station than the show itself)
Guy Fox, Oct 23 2001

       [re: Borneo] Wow - imagine having a new class of venereal disease named after you (a la Lou Gehrig's Disease) - talk about a dubious honour. Even better if you are the 'patient zero' vector in crossing it over the species barrier.   

       The V.A. participants would certainly put a new spin on 'Survivor'.
lsenater, Oct 24 2001

       [lsenater] Its called Temptation Island (Don't tell me all those in-your-facers aren't from syph-central casting.   

       [GuyFox] Talk about serendipity. I just came across the word/term Schadenfreude somewhere else, completely divorced from here, yesterday. It stuck because the concept is one-off, yucky, and from my several-generations-from-the-home-country ethnic background (German, of course).
thecat, Jun 10 2003

       <completely off topic>How did [lsenater] get a "last modified" tag on an anno? I want one! </cot>
Worldgineer, Jun 10 2003

       Thee only way you could make this interesting is filming the girls getting the diseases.....and there's plenty of porn sites where you can see that now!
kahuna, Apr 22 2004


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