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Chuckle Vision

Laughter activated TV recorder with personal *best-bits play-list*.
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Sometimes you're just watching tv - nothing in particular - just cause you are, when something comes on that makes you crack up. It could be an advert, or a comedy show etc. You weren't expecting it, so you're not recording. Other times you might just want to watch something funny to cheer yourself up, but can't find anything suitable.

Is this you? You need Chuckle Vision!

This would require a PVR capable home PC with a microphone and an installation of BakerSoft's Chuckle Vision*.

* BakerSoft's Chuckle Vision - Advanced Laughter Detection and Automated Video Editor Suite

Once you have tuned** Chuckle Vision to your own laughter, sit back and watch tv as normal.

** Tuning might not be required if the software and micropone can detect the frequency differences between tv reproduced sound and real, live, human laughter.

The PVR starts by caching a pre-defined amount of the channel you're watching. Nothing drastically new yet. This is basic functionallity of tv on demand. The *magic* only starts, ( only the illusion of magic hb'ers ) when the viewer starts laughing, and the Chuckle Vision engine kicks in. The laugh initiates a grammar checker. ( similar to that of office but supremely more versatile, and comedy aware )

The grammar checker scans the pre-recorded cache until it finds, what it decides is the start of the joke. ( The cache lengh requirements will probably depend on the viewer. Some may require some humorous foreplay before their outbursts, whereas others will probably by happy with some easy one liners) The entire joke string is then copied to the Chuckle Vision Data Base. It may sound long winded, but all of this has happened with no intervention and no additional interaction with your PVR.

The outcome: personal laughter collections (play-lists) The funniest tv you've seen [ last [hour, day, week, month ] late at night, on weekends, etc]

Chuckle Vision can also provide full integration with a web cam for the Director's commentary option (Pro version only?) , ...a picture in picture of the viewers reaction to the recorded comedy.

This function could work in addition to any other recording the viewer was undertaking. Eg. As well as recording the whole comedy show, Chuckle Vision automatically saves a second edited version of the best bits.

RockHopper, Mar 18 2003

The Chuckle Brothers http://www.thechuck...ormation/index.html
Abandon hope all ye who enter here [oneoffdave, Oct 17 2004]

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       [RockHopper] has obviously not seen that hideous UK TV programme of the same name [link].
oneoffdave, Mar 18 2003

       <shame> actually, ... I have </shame>
RockHopper, Mar 18 2003

       how bout situations where you laugh at an action being done, eg. Carlsberg's Christmas ad last year which saw office workers shreading documents and tossing them out of the window? Would Chuckle Vision record that as well?
LoneRifle, Mar 18 2003

       [LoneRifle], did you laugh?   

       hmm, answered that by reading your comment again...   

       Are you asking if it would understand visual comedy as well as verbal?
RockHopper, Mar 18 2003

       how about a Chuckle Vision service that encodes 'hit points' for each program/ advert.   

       your PVR would then snip out all footage since the last *joke on* hit point.
RockHopper, Mar 18 2003

       [Rockhopper]: yea... it'd be a shame really if it couldn't: more ads are relying on visual humour nowadays... or how about an insta-record button
LoneRifle, Mar 18 2003

       consider it done!   

       <joke hit point>Carlsberg ad: office workers shreading documents and tossing them out of the window ([LoneRifle] erupts) : ad finishes </joke hit point>   

       beautifully recorded....   

       I think most PVRs have an instant record button anyway.   

       The intention was for an instantaneous record function that didn't require any additional viewer intervention other than the act of enjoyment itself. If no manual interaction was required, there would be less chance of remembering the clip being recorded.   

       This would then enhance the viewer's pleasure when reviewing the clips...
RockHopper, Mar 18 2003

       I was a PVR "early adopter" (had it since 1999). The software could also get good hints from what parts the user manually backs up to see again. (Both Tivo and ReplayTV have a one-button "go back a few seconds" feature for this purpose).   

       I know when I see a particularly good gag on the Simpsons (for instance) I often pause my ReplayTV PVR for a second so I can roll on the floor laughing, then back it up to see it again. "Mmmmmm.....floor pie. Doh!" Floor croissant for you.   

       By the way, welcome to the bakery, you're off to a great start.
krelnik, Mar 18 2003

       its called tivo
law883, Jun 05 2003


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