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Bendy cig

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Some folks may find objectionable or threatening the protruding, patriarchal, phallic stick of a cigarette. Here at BUNGCO we sure do. But how to fix?

The Bendy cig employs firm and corrugated cigarette paper, allowing flex in every direction. Our tobaccy has extra stuff sprayed on it, to make sure it does not fall out. Plus our ciggies are twice as long as the regular, giving you more to work with. Now bend your cigarrete down into an unthreating droop. Adopt a J shape for the "je sais J" look. Pretzels? Staircases? Yes! Braids? Sure - even quipu! The staid and stuffy stick no longer, express your inner smoke with the Bendy Cig!

bungston, Mar 13 2009


       2 fishbones already? Did I mention - with BUNGCO Fun Loads you can shoot sparks from the end of your ciggy without interfering with its smooth great taste? I did! Just now!
bungston, Mar 13 2009

       Bendy ... tobaccy ... ciggie ...
(-) I'm sorry, but all this coagulated cuteness is giving me hyperglycemia. Have you picked a pet name for your lung cancer yet?
jutta, Mar 13 2009

       I just stubbed out one of those bones... this is a great idea.
xenzag, Mar 13 2009

       Why not have a bendy straw (crazy straw) type holder too? holders are always phallic   

       and how about this? cigarettes or cigarette holders that get hot and burn your fingers thus encouraging smokers to quit.   

       Also people are allowed to destroy themselves as they see fit and any ideas that facilitate the entire process are good for the rest of us.
vfrackis, Mar 14 2009


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