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Clog day

It's Clog day
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Once a year have the National ' Clog and Dutch apple cake day '

Everyone wears Clogs on this day,Cloging along in your wooden Clogs,to be greeted by vendors offering fine warm slices of Dutch apple cake.

skinflaps, Nov 21 2002

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       Why? So we can have a clog day afternoon?
angel, Nov 21 2002

       "Hi i'm Ed Winchester"...in Clogs.
skinflaps, Nov 21 2002

       This is what happens on the last day of work before Christmas, shirley ? Helps you to make a New Year Resolution to find a different job, too.
8th of 7, Nov 21 2002

       I am Dutch. I admit. I DO NOT wair clogs. I admit. So far I gather clogs are pretty awful to wear. So Why a clog day?   

       I don't mind the apple cake though....   

       I might advise the Dutch holiday called "queensday". A day where everyone is allowed to sell anything (a sort of car boot sale on a national scale) and everyone organises games, etc. Given the pleasant chaos that arises, a better name would be chaos day. Or maybe call it "tolerance" day, where everyone is just doing what he/she feels like doing without being disturbed -as longs as it excludes violence, etc.   

       "Groetjes uit Amsterdam"
spekkie, Nov 27 2002


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