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Coffee Flavored Toothpaste

Keep that good taste!
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I just hate to brush away that gooood coffee taste before heading off to work. Why not create a toothpaste that is coffee flavored, and keep that coffee thing going on, while still cleaning your teeth? I mean, must it taste like it does?
stringstretcher, Nov 10 2003


       Perhaps donut flavored?
Worldgineer, Nov 10 2003

       I normally brush my teeth just to get rid of that stagnant rancid coffee taste ... croisant flavor?
Letsbuildafort, Nov 10 2003

       Hmm... Well add some caffeine and you got a vote right here
FeelinPhine, Nov 10 2003

       Coffee toothpaste for the morning, maybe - but Horlicks toothpaste for night.
hippo, Nov 10 2003

       Brush your teeth first.   

       Per bliss's link... I think the "flavors of toothpaste" meme is pretty much extinct.
waugsqueke, Nov 10 2003

       A host of flavours, Coffee, Early Grey with Lemon, cheese on toast, the choices are endless....
Micky Dread, Nov 11 2003

       Yum, iced latte toothpaste.
Japanese_Coffee, Feb 24 2004


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