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Coin Paper

Make your own legal tender with peelable adhesive papers.
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There are some inventions that bring such affluence to the creators that it is said "they can print their own money". Undoubtedly, most will also agree this too is an invention.

However, unlike print their own money inventions, this invention simply allows the the holder to produce bill sized paper denominations from loose change. By peeling off the correct denomination areas and adhering the coins to the sticky backing, a convenient wallet sized currency can be assembled.

rcarty, Aug 23 2013

http://www.telegrap...w-coin-designs.html [pocmloc, Aug 24 2013]


       I was following along pretty well until the word "convenient". Can you explain?
cudgel, Aug 23 2013

       Baked. Postage stamps.
8th of 7, Aug 23 2013

       re convenient: the coins arn't loose in one's pocket, but attached to a bill that can be held in the wallet, and once given to a cashier, they can see all the coins at once spread out on one denomination.   

       re baked postage stamps: a form of once currency with a sticky backing isn't the idea.
rcarty, Aug 23 2013

       (+) Bun for the effort but clerks, in my experience, aren't hired to think.
cudgel, Aug 23 2013

       8th, you're reading his idea backwards.   

       rcarty is talking about a piece of sticky paper the size and shape of a conventional bill, with removable protective covers on the stickum.   

       Each removable cover shows a picture or number indicating what coin might be stuck to the sticky paper in that location.   

       To "make money" with this idea, one would pull off several covers, and attach ordinary coinage to the sticky paper. Ta-da! You've magically turned a dollar's worth of loose coins into a paper dollar. Sort of.   

       [] No bun, since I don't see it as being any more convenient than a change purse. No fishbone, since it's not a totally aweful idea.
goldbb, Aug 23 2013

       Ah, cudgel, I see your point. Somebody should try the idea out and report back with the results.
rcarty, Aug 23 2013

       Electronic Funds Transfer (at) Point Of Sale.
UnaBubba, Aug 24 2013

       Erm, why not just have interlocking (I'm sure that's some place in Scotland) coins?   

       Then you could simply snap together a £1 note from all those 10p's in your pocket.
not_morrison_rm, Aug 24 2013

       I can't figure this out. The sticky coin paper sticks to the coin?
daseva, Aug 26 2013

       ^ A piece of paper with sticky dots on it which you stick coins to.
FlyingToaster, Aug 26 2013

       Ah! Got it. Thanks, [FT].
daseva, Aug 26 2013

       So would interlocking coins be puzzle-piece shaped?
goldbb, Aug 30 2013

       Stick on stamps instead of coins, and the stamps are much less useful as postage. Stamps come in many sizes. but clear pockets might be a way to use stamps as money and still have usable stamps. Use the forever stamps and you have forever money.
popbottle, Aug 31 2013


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