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Dukes of Hazzard Reality Series

Someday the cameras might catch 'em, but the law never will.
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For those of you unfamiliar with the basic plot of every Dukes of Hazzard episode ever made, it goes something like this:

The moonshiner - turned - profiteering - politician antagonist Boss Hogg hatches a scheme to swindle the good people of Hazzard Co. To help him in his nefarious scheme, he enlists the help of Sheriff Roscoe P. Coltrane and Deputy Sheriff Enos. Invariably, the plot requires at least one "out of towner" - an unscrupulous real estate investor, bank robber, or some other random character that provides the requisite "seed" for the plot.

The Duke boys (Bo and Luke) are the protagonists. With the aid of Uncle Jesse and cousin Daisy, they attempt to foil the nefarious plan and avoid being caught by the "law".

It's the perfect premise for a team-based reality show. The Dukes form one team, the Hoggs another. The Hoggs are given a rough plan to work with, and if they are successful they win the episode. If the Dukes are successful in preventing it, they win.

The losing team must select a character to be killed off (in the TV scriptwriting sense, not the drag 'em out to the back of the barn sense). There will be a second string of 8 contestants - once Bo Duke is killed off, he will be replaced by Vance Duke, etc. in an attempt to maintain a full season.

Once either team goes through their full second string of contestants and it is down to one character on that team, the winner will be decided by pitting the remaining Duke or Hogg against their opponents in a county fair style gymkhana of hillbilly events - tractor pulling, dirt track racing, spitting contests, engine rebuilding, mud wrestling, etc.

The final victor will be the points leader from the county fair events. Winner gets a fully restored General Lee used in the original series plus a cash prize.

May God have mercy on my soul for even conceiving this idea.

justaguy, May 31 2005

Dukes of Hazard film trailer (quicktime) http://www.apple.co.../thedukesofhazzard/
uh yeah, tis a flim trailer. [kaz, May 31 2005]


       Neither Fox Television nor the producers of this show practice discrimination on the basis of race, creed, color, religion, or sexual orientation. That being said, it'd sure as hell be funnier if only ONE of them was gay.
justaguy, May 31 2005

       Anyone seen the Dukes of Hazard movie trailer? I think it looks like a bit of a laugh.
kaz, May 31 2005

       Now that's just silly.
justaguy, May 31 2005

       Yeah. Everyone knows Uncle Jesse was a schizophrenic doormat.
hidden truths, May 31 2005

       Alternatively, you could involve them in the Yucca mountain issue; the Dukes of Hazardous Waste.
RayfordSteele, Jun 01 2005

       You'd need a cash prize if you recieved a car used on that show,
ato_de, Jun 01 2005

       Not one of the stunt cars, one of the show cars. You know, the ones that Bo and Luke actually drove. Also, I did say "plus a cash prize."   

       Oh, and karaoke. We need to work a karaoke contest in somewhere... perhaps MCd by Waylon Jennings jr.
justaguy, Jun 01 2005

       Crazy Cooter coming at ya!
trekbody, Jun 01 2005


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