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Culture cooperation house

Individuals from conflicting culture seek harmony in a shared home
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Reality TV opens the personal lives of cast members to audiences in ways never imagined by traditional sitcoms or scripted shows. However, the quality seems to have degraded toward talk-show rantings and ravings, or game-show grabs for prizes. Producers challenge crews towards conflict and friction with uncomfortable, cramped living conditions or give them competitions and tough problems to solve as a group. What if a show could address a current social problem while holding viewers' attention with the same approach? Racial and religious prejudices separate groups of people around the world. This leads to discrimination, injustice, and even ethnic cleansing. In nearly every case, misconceptions and ignorance set groups against one another and lead to individuals being seen as caricatures or stereotypes. How about a TV show that brings people of different conflicting groups together and follows them as they address the problems housemates face daily? The cast would have 4-10 people, depending on the number of conflicting groups in a region. For the filmed portion, they would continue in their roles as before, working and paying to contribute to the rent and utilities. By focusing on the daily lives, the show might paint people from conflicting groups as facing the same human problems and seeking towards similar desires, instead of impersonal scapegoats.

Season 2: Paris Three native Parisians and three Muslim immigrants live together. Liberté, Égalité, Fraternité? Gerard always seems to be around clicking away on his laptop in the living room. This seems to irk Aimé and Taroob to no end! They want to watch movies, but get distracted by his youtube videos and racous laughter which always seems to come at the worst times! Thaqib can't get enough of the baguettes and brie offered in all the neighborhood cafés. But when he fires up the stove to make a spicy batch of falafel, Garcon and Inaya run gagging! At least he cleans up afterwords, which can't be said for all the others ...

Season 5: Kosovo Two Serbs, Bosnians and Albanians share a home. How will they arrange parking? Milica's parents are visiting this weekend, but the place is a mess! It's not her turn to clean this week, but should she really pressure Tirana to clean up? She might spill the beans about Milica's secret boyfriend! Mirjeta keeps inviting his noisy friends over to practice in their band. They always get loud right about the time Dragan is trying to study for his university courses! Maybe Dragan could offer some of his engineering knowledge the next time one of the band's secondhand amps breaks down, they might remember to turn down the volume and be friendly.

Season 8: Israel? Palestine? Uganda? Sudan? Unfortunately, the list of choices is long.

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