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Composting Toilet Waste Separator

Better composting toilet.
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For those unfamiliar with the Clivus Multrum (see link), it is a toilet seat with a big 1 foot diameter hole. This connects to a large composting tank where the waste is stored until it is pumped out by a truck (like a septic tank) and used in fertilizer. The problem is, the toilet must be mounted directly above a tank, so there must be a tank for each toilet. Also, this can be impractical in homes, because the toilets must be mounted on the first floor.

The Composting Toilet Waste Separator which I am suggesting would allow a whole plumbing system to be connected to a composting toilet without flooding it with water from sinks and flushes. It would be a diagonal pipe with holes in the bottom part. The holes lead to a regular sewage pipe. This way, the solid waste goes to the composting toilet while the water and liquid go through the holes and into the regular sewage system.

I realize that a composting toilet needs water to operate. To adress the issue, this system will divert all the waste, including liquids, to the tank when moisture is needed.

I have linked to an illustration.
-----, Feb 25 2005

Clivus Multrum http://www.clivusmultrum.com
[-----, Feb 25 2005]

(??) Illustration http://img46.exs.cx...ngseparator26ax.jpg
[-----, Feb 25 2005, last modified Mar 22 2005]

(?) Alternative http://www.clivusmu...com/clivus_new.html
[-----, Feb 25 2005]

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       I don't know about this drawing link. The brown and the blue arrows look interchangeable. The brown clogging the drain holes, the liquids falling to the lowest point.
mensmaximus, Feb 25 2005

       The idea definitely needs some refining, and the device probably would need ocasional cleaning.
-----, Feb 25 2005

       I just found a system that already achieves this, but is much more complicated. I want to keep this idea up as a simpler alternative. See link.
-----, Feb 25 2005

       I can't help thinking what a member of one of our groups is doing in India right now for the past four weeks without any toilet paper. She was instructed not to take any with her because they have no place to dispose of it? Apparently she can make some spare change by making and selling poop bricks.
mensmaximus, Feb 25 2005

       //make some spare change by making and selling poop bricks// <Must not imagine Lego. Must not ...>
AbsintheWithoutLeave, Feb 25 2005

       Is this any better than a seepage tank? It's never supposed to need emptying, and stuff just breaks down and seeps away.
Basepair, Feb 26 2005

       No, composting toilets need to be emptied. The waste turns into fertilizer.
-----, Feb 26 2005

       I think the problem with this is that the perforated pipe is going to plug very quickly.   

       [----] I still don't see why this is better. With a seepage tank, the stuff gets bacterially broken down and soaks into the ground (no doubt finding its way into plants eventually). So, as a means of disposing of waste, I don't understand why your form of composting is any different. However, I may be missing a point here....
Basepair, Feb 26 2005

       See the link to Clivus Multrum, a maker of these composting toilets.
-----, Feb 27 2005

       They are environmentally friendly, odorless, and use less water.
-----, Feb 27 2005

       could you repost the illustration?
pashute, Dec 31 2012

       Human compost it's a perfect agent to transmit diseases. I don't see the point to promote a fertilization method already discarded long time ago.
piluso, Dec 31 2012


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