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Dog Poop Gutters

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Gutters that take dog poop off balconies and shunt it into the shrubs near the ground, that way your dogs won't wreck the apartment while you're out and you wont have to go for walks 3 times a day.

They would be sort of shaped like this:

[DOG] -------------- \ / \ / ||

POOP ---------------

bob, Oct 04 2014


       Maintenance isn't gonna like this. Also you need some kind of flushing action, dog poo doesn't just slide down.
Spacecoyote, Oct 04 2014

       Even dog pee is going end up fairly high on the wall so other dogs can smell it.   

       Still anything that makes the job easier.
popbottle, Oct 04 2014

       If you are finding the dogs burdensome, there are doglike animals that use litterboxes and do not have to be walked. There is a separate area for them in the humane society. Probably they would trade you for your dogs .
bungston, Oct 04 2014


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