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Outhouse on a rope

lift outhouses and deal with poop
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This outhouse is reached via rope bridge. Various options exist to more easily deal with poo:

Hang it over the edge of a cliff

Move it linearly and dig another pit once the first fills up

Hang it over a very large pit and throw on some dirt when it starts to stink too much

Keep lifting it and throwing dirt on the poo mound over time. When it gets too high move it sideways and start a new hill

Voice, Apr 26 2020


       All four operational modes in the description are Baked and WKTE. What's the innovation ?
8th of 7, Apr 26 2020

       Number two with a view... (+)   

       Sorta off topic but they've taken to using Australian Dunnys along the hiking trails here in Canada.
Basically just a suspended outhouse on a large raised deck with no pit beneath. The outhouse can be relocated on to a new spot on the deck as one spot gets filled up.
The raised deck allows cooler air to flow through the base maximizing the chimney effect and buckets of wood chips to toss in after you've finished your business helps to minimize odour and provide layers for the worms and bacteria to do their thing.
This turns human waste back into soil very quickly.

       Such an "outhouse" could be mounted on a circular track, such that the user could pedal to a new location for each use.   

       The bucket of soil or wood chips would be part of the process.
8th of 7, Apr 26 2020

       "Don't let your dog dig there", our neighbour told us as Madonna scratched and sniffed a few feet from the squatter. "That's where the toilet used to be".   

       (True story)   

       I can attest from a lovely part of Georgia, where we have a working outhouse, that options 2 and 3 are in very regular use at least, in my experience, between Hungary and the Himalayas, and I think there's some prior art for option 1 too.   

       The rope bridge is novel though. Just don't slip if access is through the roof.
TomP, Apr 29 2020

       So, that would be Georgia in the Caucasus, not Georgia in the US?   

       {Starts counting the seconds until [8th of 7] makes some scornful, misanthropic remark about America, the Caucasus and any other target of opportunity that strays into his frontal arc}
pertinax, Apr 29 2020

       // any other target of opportunity //   

       That would be you, [pert].   

       <Makes note to ensure that plenty of smug, scornful, misanthropic sneering is kept in reserve for [pert]'s benefit/>
8th of 7, Apr 29 2020

       Trouble is, it's become boring.   

       Whether you're a sniper or a humourist, once you get predictable, it might be time to move on.   

       Please come back to this place, which is dedicated to new ideas, after you've taken a rest and thought of some new ideas.
pertinax, Apr 30 2020

       He's one of our most prolific halfbakers...
Voice, Apr 30 2020


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