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Toilet Masticator

Never need a plunger again
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A standard toilet. With a garbage disposal unit. That is all.
smendler, Apr 21 2016

prior art Mulching_20Toilet
[bungston, Apr 21 2016]

prior prior art Toilet_20Macerator
[bungston, Apr 21 2016]


       This is p much WKTE by everyone who's ever been in a caravan. The term usually used is macerator, rather than masticator.
calum, Apr 21 2016

       Maybe the idea could be saved by making the toilet into a skinnable human head form, so you can shit into to the mouth of whoever you can model w/ your 3d printer and then have that toiletperson chew your toley.
calum, Apr 21 2016

       A toilet that actually masticates material put into it might be almost guaranteed clog-proof. Especially if it could spit out stuff that can't be chewed (like, say, a tennis ball; a friend of mine recently had to dismantle a toilet installation to discover that a tennis ball was clogging it).
Vernon, Apr 21 2016

       I have a traumatic childhood experience involving something like this. It was in a hotel, I believe it was a "saniflo" toilet, I wasn't even the one using it and ended up in the mess. When this type of toilet breaks...shall we say... the shit hits the fan.
mitxela, Apr 21 2016

       We have one. It's a terrible idea because if the power goes out you can't flush the toilet and it's also a waste of electricity. Sorry.
nineteenthly, Apr 21 2016

       hmm, I see a compromise; a manual masticator for when you can already see that the work of helping the toilet chew is going to be much less than the work of cleaning up the mess if you don't get the water line turned off quickly enough.   

       Foot-pump action maybe.   

       Manual mastication has always seemed like a good idea to me. I think. Is mastic that white sticky stuff?
bungston, Apr 21 2016

One does not simply chew into mortar.

       Good point about the electricity.
smendler, Jun 13 2016

       "One does not simply chew into mortar."
FlyingToaster, Jun 13 2016

       Did somebody say 'masturbater?'
RayfordSteele, Jun 17 2016


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