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Condiment Broadband

Mustard, mayonnaise, chocolate piped into your home.
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Condiments take up too much room in your food cupboards. Instead I plan to install a network of pipes around the country, from large water coolertype buildings holding vast quantities of your favourite condiments through to taps in every home in the country. At the press of a button your selected condiment will be available through to the tap and for use with all your favourite meal. All the piping will self clean, and just like your favourite satellite tv packages you can buy into different mixes, eg. spicy mix, kids mix, winter mix, bbq mix etc. Also there will be parental controls protecting younger palettes from over spicy condiments.
mac_cheese, Dec 13 2009

Hot beverage district heating Hot_20beverage_20district_20heating
Prior art [8th of 7, Dec 13 2009]

Transatlantic Custard Transatlantic_20Custard_20Pipeline
More prior art - not specific to the idea, but covered in the annos [lurch, Dec 14 2009]

ketchup pipeline explosion... http://www.thailand...-ketchup-ghost2.jpg
[xandram, Dec 14 2009]

condiment guns are much more practical http://www.tesora.c.../ISNG4001_large.jpg
[xandram, Dec 14 2009]


       C-DSL. Condiment Direct Sauce Line?
Jinbish, Dec 13 2009

       // already done for tea and coffee //   

8th of 7, Dec 13 2009

       //All the piping will self clean// This caught my eye.
pocmloc, Dec 13 2009

       "Tragedy strikes as a family's condiment pipes burst, flooding their house with mayonnaise. More at seven."
DrWorm, Dec 13 2009

       no because then you will need condiment line maps & Condiment Dig-Safe. They might not stay fresh, moles will be digging for mustard, oh my, I forsee so many other problems with this...
xandram, Dec 14 2009


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