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Combined salt/sugar condiment
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This isn't as stupid as it first seems. Many relishes for savoury food contain significant amounts of both salt and sugar: for example chutney and tomato ketchup. SUGnSOL would merely remove the additional flavour-bearing elements of that food, to present the 2 most perfect food additives in their combined and natural form.

In fact, a mixture of sugar and salt is already used as a major part of the garnish of the food product known in Britain as "seaweed". As you can tell by its name, this is shredded cabbage or greens deep-fried until crisp and tossed in salt, sugar and unspecified other flavourings. The fact that you can combine oil, sugar and salt with cabbage and make the result taste nice is what makes me think this idea could be viable; I want to try it with other foodstuffs.

pottedstu, Nov 19 2001


       A lot of the time these additives are not detectable and some people would be shocked at the range of foods in which salt and sugar are combined. Often people don't realise why some products taste better but can't identify the presence of sugar.   

       I would rather these additives were removed from my food so I could salt and sugar to taste so you get a croissant from me.
Aristotle, Nov 19 2001

       pottedstu: You can't really tell what your so-called "seaweed" is by its name. When I hear seaweed mentioned in relation to food I think of nori or kombu.
sirrobin, Nov 19 2001

       where the hell in Britain do we eat that? i've never heard of the crap up in Manchester.
sambwiches, Jan 29 2003

       Include a sliding bar so you can adjust the proportion of sugar/salt that you're applying. ...Also, the word changes from SALT to SALAR to SAGAR to SUGAR as you snap the bar into differnet positions.
phundug, Jun 23 2004


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