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shrimp seasoning

any combination of real , condenced, artifcail flavors that can make salad bar shrimp act and taste like shrimp
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any combination of real , condenced, artifcail flavors that can make salad bar shrimp to act and taste more like shrimp.

I love tarter sauces . horseradish. lemon , melted butter atop a mound of shrimp . well beside the shrimp , aka, pencil eraser tasting shrimp imposters. no matter how properly textured the splurge items are. nor, how perfectly they are displayed. to eat with no fish, sea food flavor is a constant game of chance. and the casino-dealer, untastefull -impostors only let me ' win ' as seldom as will keep my risk-taker self, playing the 'Is it-or-is it not shrimp' game.

so, because, there are an over abundance of fish smells. why not package some along with the mentioned sea food shrimp seasoning. ..

btw. the best shrimp i have eaten was sold live as fishing bait (cheaper than an oscer myers wiener) by the inter coastal waterway, in CorpusCristy. buy em. drive onto the beach. start a fire with dried driftwoodd and WOW. although that was a 'bubba' shrimp time of 25 years past, so I cannot say there is a tasty shrimp anywhere today.

Sir_Misspeller, Jan 01 2009

Sam's Club prepares frozen shrimp perfectly: http://www.foodchan...more-shrimp-flavor-
It tastes just like fishing bait. [Amos Kito, Jan 01 2009]

Big. and tasty? http://news.yahoo.c...d_liberated_lobster
20 lb lobster. Sounds tasty. However , only x amount of flavor per. [Sir_Misspeller, Jan 11 2009]


       shrimp seasoning v metallic fusion - oh lord   

       may I sleep on it!
po, Jan 01 2009

       The problem is that you Americans insist on referring to large lobsters and other such mutants as "shrimp", which is silly.   

       All members of that family (from lobsters through crevettes, prawns, and down to actual shrimp) contain the same absolute amount of the relevant flavour compound (crustamine). Hence, the larger the animal, the more dilute the crustamine and the less flavoursome it is.   

       The only shrimp which are (a) real shrimp and (b) devastatingly tasty are Morecambe Bay Brown Shrimps, which are about half an inch long. Each one is a complete flavour meteorite, and they do not require lemon juice, tartar sauce, horseradish or anything else.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jan 01 2009

       Forget the shrimp, they're nasty little mud eaters anyway. Get some crab or crayfish instead. A little butter is all you need.
Spacecoyote, Jan 02 2009

       I hypnotized a crayfish ... Wish i had munched 'em instead.
Sir_Misspeller, Jan 02 2009


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