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Marasquitos. The Maraschino Cherries With A Bite!
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Sweet maraschino cherries marinated in a spicy chili marinade. Sweet 'n hot.
bristolz, Feb 07 2001

Red Hots http://www.oryans.com/redhotcandies.html
The candy referred to below, I think... [snarfyguy, Feb 07 2001]


       I was expecting marinating with mushed up mosquitos.
Wes, Feb 07 2001

       Cherry Peppers
thumbwax, May 30 2001

       A coworker passed around some peanut brittle with dried habanero flakes in it. Tasted just like normal candy until the inside of your mouth began to char.   

       I like Cherry Bombs, although it sounds a little bit like a drink.
Dog Ed, May 31 2001

       <flashback>When I was a wee lad of perhaps 5 years, I - along with my brother and 3 uncles who were all within 8 years my senior - were at my Grandfathers #1 Supermarket - 1 of 3 he owned... The produce section... An uncle with a Bell Pepper in hand with a reddish tinge making its appearance... "thumbwax, watch!" As he bit an enormous chunk of this large Pepper! + ! "Here, thumbwax... try one of these little baby peppers, they're too tiny to be hot yet - these big ones - these are the hot ones!" 'Rilly?' said I... "Really! + !" said my 4 close blood relatives. "aaaaaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeee!+!+!"said I - after having bitten into and chewed - as per instructions - on my very first serrano pepper - as I ran over to Cooler and grabbed a 16 oz. Coke, opened it, drank it, then had another in no more than 30 seconds. "hohoho" echoed throughout the store as steam exited my nostrils.
The next morning, we were all at my parents home, dare I call it mine - I replaced the sugar in the sugar bowl with salt - bright and early - reserving a bit for my sugary tooth behind the napkins. "hohoho" my voice echoed throughout the kitchen as my uncles and brother made way for the sink, only to find that my Father had indeed begun work on the plumbing, and we were now out of milk - (it being deplinished with the last of the cereal - 'Salty Pops' is what I call that brand now) - and water - and juice - and soda. What a great morning that was.</flashback>
thumbwax, May 31 2001

       yes mephista, i remember those red hot ball thingies, in fact i think they still sell 'em. If i recall correctly there was a really sour green one as well.
HowardMarks, May 31 2001

       hohoho ; )
thumbwax, Jan 25 2002

       and a well deserved hohoho it is
bristolz, Jan 26 2002

       Too late for me to tell her I expected marinated mosquitos.
normzone, Oct 07 2006


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