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Custard Knuckles

An original custard idea?
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Warning: this idea presumes a working understanding of the properties of custard.

Brass knuckles are a simple way to increase one's hand-to-hand effectiveness. While the increased mass of the implements increases the force of the blow, the biggest benefit is the protection and extra hardness it offers to the knuckles, allowing one to make full-force, hollywood-style blows, without breaking one's fingers or dissipating energy in soft flesh.

Unfortunately, they're unwieldy and get in the way of everyday activities. At the same time, they're tricky to put on, at least as compared to just balling up your fist and smacking someone.

Insert Custard Knuckles. These gloves have sealed pouches over the backs of the fingers, filled with custard or a suitable substitute (i.e. cornstarch and water). Under typical use, the custard flows freely, without inhibiting dexterity. Upon a sudden blow, the custard forms a hard, protective shell, simultaneously protecting the knuckles and increasing the damage of the blow.

Can also double as emergency food rations in combat situations.

5th Earth, Sep 06 2006


       I'd like some motorcycling gear that did this for impact protection.   

       So, instead if jam on the road it would be custard ;-)
webfishrune, Sep 06 2006

       Beware 5th Earth custardy violence.
wagster, Sep 06 2006

       Dilatant toques for snowboarders, gear for cyclists and motorcycle riders as well as Kevlar covered dilatant body armor are all being worked on.   

       Aye, dilatant armor is being worked on (in fact protoypes have been made) and is well half-baked here. But I think this is the first *offensive* use of custard.   

       As for violence, well, I think we can at least agree that brass knuckles (or custard knuckles) are cooler than guns or bombs. And less lethal.
5th Earth, Sep 07 2006

       <Obligatory WIFRT> When I first read this idea I thought it was going to be about some kind of cutesy name a woman had for her boyfriend.   

       As in "Hi, snookie-ookums", "Hello, custard knuckles!"
Canuck, Sep 08 2006

       /Custard bullets maybe. Fired by a trifle/   

       Umm, sort of... <link>
ye_river_xiv, Oct 10 2006


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