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Conversion-ready RPGs

You got your GURPS in my Unisystem! You got your Unisystem in my GURPS!
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Right now, role-playing games (pen-and-paper) are now disjointed; one game is not like another. This is good for simulating different styles of play, but not for making crossovers easier. 'Generic' games either require a lot of buy-in/work to be useful for conversion purposes (GURPS and FUDGE) or are so genre-biased they can't do other games well at all (Hero and Tri-Stat dX).

Here's one solution. Different game companies, while working on their own systems, would work with other game companies and fans of other company's systems to have conversion notes ready-to-go when their system ships. That way, when you invite your friend over to play some Cyberpunk 2020 and all they know is Warhammer FRP, you can just compare notes to speed him along in play.

Almafeta, Jan 25 2004


       I'm envisioning some kind of universal adaptor kit, like the multi-pronged electrical adaptors. I've practically given up on RPGs, simply because I dislike being required to learn a new gaming system every year.....croissant for you.   

       Can I get a six-sided adapter cube that my twenty-sided die fits in ?
normzone, Jan 26 2004

       good idea, my friend
benlevi7, Jan 26 2004

       Can't quite believe I'm actually posting this publically...   

       ...but I used to be very active in the RPG industry, and even owned/managed a small game line.   

       The answer to your question is that a game's mechanics and system actually define a lot of the play feel. We don't do these things accidentally. If you put CP2020 into the WFRP system (*shudder*), you're going to totally alter what it's like as a game.   

       That's why we don't worry too much about conversion.   

       Besides which, Ryan Dancy's shockingly neo-Fascist stance is pushing d20 ("The One Pure System That All Must Follow Or Die") into that role.
oldmotherchaos, May 13 2005

       I agree with oldmotherchaos (who wouldn't?) that rules are about defining the feel of the game, which is the critical factor in RPG's. If you feel the need to crossover, then write some scenarios using the rules you currently use and adapt things accordingly. You shouldn't be bound by an RPG's rules just because that's what it says in the book because a) that's dull and you should be throwing your players a few surprises every now and again and b) your the DM/GM or whatever and what you say goes.
DrBob, May 13 2005


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