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squirt gun warfare!

combine the excitement of a squirt gun fight with fun of Larping!
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consider this: so many larp rely on foam weapons: just imagine a larp that employs squirt guns: finally, a modern larp! no more swords, now the roleplayers are packing heat (er.. water to be precise).

rules become simplified, as for the most part, armor has become pointless.

players can be seperated into teams for traditional turf wars or capture the flag. a shot to the head or torso means death for the victim. a shot to a limb results in a loss of that limb (example, someone without a leg must crawl, or use an impromptu crutch)

melee weapons may still be employed for the larping experience, such as foam knives or foam baseball bats, clubs, etc.

Kociol, Jul 13 2006

Larp http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/LARP
[skinflaps, Jul 13 2006]

Streetwars http://streetwars.net
I'm very tempted... [wagster, Jul 13 2006]


       Maybe it's just me, but this idea would be much more enlightening if you cared to explain the word "larp".
david_scothern, Jul 13 2006

       Lost Arm Role Play?   

       <later> Aha. Thanks, [skin].
wagster, Jul 13 2006

       "Larp" stands for "live-action roleplaying game" an example of such includes games like Darkon.   

Kociol, Jul 14 2006

       Even better would be if the squirt guns were full of paint! Then you could see if a person got hit, and there would be no questions. The paint could even be encased in little capsules. One could call this "Paint Capsule Warfare!"
bungston, Jul 17 2006

       [bungston] people will still question it even if there is paint as a marking device. people always question outcomes that aren't in their favor.
tcarson, Jul 17 2006

       We didn't grace our games with an acronym, but this is exactly how we used to while away our summers. When we weren't down by the beach.
DrCurry, Jul 17 2006

       paintball anyone?
vmaldia, Jul 23 2006

       Oh good, more children pretending to know what a war is. [-]
James Newton, Jul 24 2006

       If you want a game that educates children about modern warfare how about this. Each team gets a class register of the kids in their school, they go to someone's house, then they roll a dice and telephone the other team to tell them how many kids they just killed. First team to wipe out the next generation wins.
marklar, Jul 24 2006

       I hate the word larp. What the fuck happened to playing pretend?
Eugene, Jul 24 2006

       I hate the word larp. What the fuck happened to playing pretend?
Eugene, Jul 24 2006


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